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Is there a WordPress theme that has a spreadsheet built into it? Or that would allow for uploading an Excel spreadsheet? Currently we are taking an Excel SS and cutting and pasting it into XSite Pro and uploading it that way.

What I need is a SS that will support 6 + columns and 200 + rows.

We are trying to sell overstock of powder coat. Manufacturers sell in 25 or 50 pound boxes. That is their minimum order. Someone may need 3 lbs to powdercoat a bicycle frame. They can get it from me cheaper, if they are in my area they can have it the same day, and I don't have to keep a store room full of it.

It doesn't have to be WordPress. If you know of an alternative blog platform I would love to hear about it.

Is there an easy way to just have Excel upload a spreadsheet. I read the help section and it made it sound like it was questionable at best.

This website doesn't have to be beautiful. It needs to be functional and up to date. I won't be promoting this website. My audience is smaller powder coatering shops and my sales rep. She uses it to know what I have on hand so she can assist customers that don't need 50 pounds of color.

Thank you for your consideration
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    The easiest way I can think of would be to upload the spreadsheet to Google Docs, then get the HTML embed code and use that to display it on your site.

    You can do this with ZOHO too as the following blog demonstrates, but I think the way they implemented it looks bad. http://labnol.blogspot.com/2006/09/e...eadsheets.html

    Oh, and then there's this plugin which would let you import your spreadsheet provided you convert it to a CSV or an XML file first. http://tobias.baethge.com/wordpress-...oaded-english/


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    Forgive the assumption, but it sounds as though you are maintaining available inventory build-ups on a spreadsheet, and modifying the spreadsheet based upon orders received to keep it up-to-date. That's a lot of work. It might be easier to automate something like that using a free store from Vendio.com

    You could enter in all of your inventory, in a quantity sizing that would enable you or your sales rep to place orders on your site. No money ever has to change hands for these orders, and the site will adjust available inventory as it is shown sold. That is how I track inventory - if it's listed in the store I have it.

    Although you could send a customer to your store to make a purchase for local pick-up, you or your sales rep could act as a customer on your site just as easily and add items to your shopping cart for them. I get a lot of abandoned orders on Vendio, and these orders always draw down my inventory. In your case you could place and abandon your own orders to adjust the inventory shown by the store, effectively maintaining product build-ups automatically.

    If none of the above is applicable to your situation, please disregard :~)

    If you save an Excel spreadsheet as a CSV file, you can then use a Wordpress plugin named CSV Importer at WordPress › CSV Importer « WordPress Plugins

    There is a commercial version for $39 at WP CSV Importer
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      Both of these are good answers. Thank you. I will try both and see how they work.

      I am drawn to the Vendio idea because we may have more use of a store later. Using it to control inventory would make it familiar to us and hasten any online store activity we might get into.

      Again. Great ideas from both of you.
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