Need Help w Placing an Image on Footer in Wordpress Theme

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I use Artisteer to make my wordpress themes and here is my code: Just wondering how I would insert an image, and what code to use. Any feedback would be great, thanks!!



<div class="art-footer">
<div class="art-footer-t"></div>
<div class="art-footer-l"></div>
<div class="art-footer-b"></div>
<div class="art-footer-r"></div>
<div class="art-footer-body">
<a href="<?php bloginfo('rss2_url'); ?>" class='art-rss-tag-icon' title="<?php printf(__('%s RSS Feed', THEME_NS), get_bloginfo('name')); ?>"></a>
<div class="art-footer-text">
<?php echo do_shortcode(theme_get_option('theme_footer_conten t')); ?>
<div class="cleared"></div>
<div class="cleared"></div>
<div class="cleared"></div>
<p class="art-page-footer"></p>
<div id="wp-footer">
<?php wp_footer(); ?>
<!-- <?php printf(__('%d queries. %s seconds.', THEME_NS), get_num_queries(), timer_stop(0, 3)); ?> -->
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