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hi warriors,

when i thought of developing a website myself it was a night mare for me as there was no one to guide me not i was very efficient with computers:p

never in my wildest dreams did i expected that it was so hard for me to get started.

not knowing how to start, pulling out my hair, going to bed late night,
kicking my computer...
i was really frustrated.

trying to locate a SIMPLE beginner's guide to creating a website was like trying to find gold in a heap of soil.

i was really amazed that such a product didn't even seem to exist. sure, there were lots of so called 'beginners' guides out there, many in fact, but even these - without exception - became too complicated too quickly. before i knew it I was reading about html coding, DNS server settings, FTP programs!!

all these technical terms were complete foreign language to me.

what i wanted was a real beginners guide. But I couldn't find
anything close. Even the 'Computers for Dummies' series went into far
too much detail and information.:confused:

maybe you have experienced this for yourself. I know a lot of people have.

but I refused to be beaten.

so i set about on a mission to educate myself. i invested in having a few one-to-one lessons, immersed myself with many different tutorials, downloaded various courses, and over time - at last - i taught myself the BASICS of how to get a website created and online.

now i have the ability to design and launch a website without any problem which generates an online income stream for me.

well that was my story on the major problem that i faced in getting first website developed by my self.
if you have any similar experience and want to share with us in this forum it will be really helpful for others to get motivation as a beginner.
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    Yes, this is a story faced my most newbies. For myself it took me 6 months to get my first site online (back in 2001!) - I was so happy I immediately picked up the phone and called a friend telling them to go an look, LOL. Silly me, they didn't even have the internet connected, ha!

    Fortunately, these days, with Wordpress it is much easier. But if you want to make a living out of web work, you need to learn a lot more than just the basics.

    There are some links to good resources in my Warrior forum Blog for those who want to learn more... WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums - Internet Business Success with Paul Barrs

    Paul Barrs
    It's Simple... I don't "sell" IM anymore, but still do lots of YouTube Videos
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      Congratulations on sticking with your plan to build websites.

      Please tell us more.
      How do you find your customers?
      Where are most of your customers, US, India, somewhere else?
      How do you take payments?

      A lot of people, including many of your countrymen might like to hear.


      Joe Mobley


      Follow Me on Twitter: @daVinciJoe
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    You may go w3schools[dot]com for learn Web Design Language. Very helpful for newbie.
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    I had the same problems. It is reeally hard to find anything that guides you through right from the start without coming across more advanced stuff which just confuses you. I think the easiest way to design a website is with a piece of website design software called XSitePro . You don't really need any website designer skills to get started and within an hour or so you can have professional looking website up and running. The same company also makes a great guide to web building completeguidetowebsitebuilding.com
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    I am a retired person & considering IM to generate some income for me. I know little bit of computers. Should I learn web site building by using wordpress as a first step? If yes please advise how to learn web site making by using wordpress.
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