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there is a website where in the middle area (below of willkommen) the text
field is not getting wider. So, the available space you see doesnt adjust itself to the text.
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I know this is basic stuff, but how can I change that? Probably something in the css file? I played around a bit there with increasing the height numbers but nothing changed.

Moreover, would it be possible to change the background from black to white?

The contact form on the right doesnt work. What do I have to change? There must be a certain php script for sending emails. I think this is free, correct?

Thanks very much for all your help.
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    1) open css.css

    2) TO make the text box bigger, change line in red to as shown here:

    #textarea {
    float: left;
    height: 198px;
    margin: 0 0 0 20px;
    width: 490px;


    3) To change background from black to white - actually, you have multiple content areas with black backgrounds, so do this anywhere you see the following:

    background-color: #000000;
    background: #000000;


    background: #FFF;

    4) Save file.

    5) If you're using wordpress, you can download Contact Form 7 or any other contact form from the WP plugin repository - all free.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    The strange thing is:

    I changed the textarea width to over 650, but there is no change. I also uploaded
    the changed css file to my hoster, but nothing.

    I also noticed that I cannot find any color with #000000. Could it be that the background consists of black images?

    As this site is not a WP site I have to add this script manually. Is there a source where this is exlained?

    Thanks again
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