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by Benjo
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Hi there,

I am having problems with domains that I am trying to add wordpress to. I have been told that when you creat the add on domain it should have created a folder within your public_html folder. But I hasnt done this. Was also told that by default the folder name is the domain name you added, all the files for this add on domain need to go in here, including Wordpress, if you are using "Fantastico" to install Wordpress it will give
you the option to install on the added on domain. But it didnt. Do I need to compleatly remove wordpress then add it again, to add to the other domains?

As I understand it I will need to install Wordpress on each domain individually, then each one has its own admin panel etc.

It hasnt done this. So Im at a loss to be honest.

Any help would be most appreciated. would consider a mentor.

thank you for looking.
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    Hi Benjo,

    Email me at [at] and I will hook you up. Basically it's really easy you just have to do a couple of things
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    Hi. Are you using HostGator? It sounds like you might be. I use them for hosting and have several add-on domains, some of which have WordPress installed. Did you set the add-on domain up first? If you bought the domain from somebody else (like GoDaddy) did you update the nameservers to point to your host? Can you access the add-on domain in a browser on its own? If yes to all these then you would want to install WordPress. Make sure to tell it where to install and not just use the default or you will get WordPress on your main domain. Double-check that the install location is the correct one. Hope this helps.
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    Im using a UK based one called webhosting UK. they were cheap. just emailed them appernetly th public_html directory path wasnt even installed. jobbers.

    I got the domains from 123 reg. I have pointed the nameservers correctly.

    The only domain that has wordpress installed is the original one is purchased, and then added to the hosting. all the other domains were bought after and then pointed to the hosting.
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    Did they get it sorted out for you then or are you still stuck?
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    This is if your using Hostgator. First set your domain name servers to point to Hostgator, the go to add-on domains and add your domain, save your name & password, then go to fantastico, then click on the wordpress to download a new version and before you do that it will ask you what domain you want to use, click the one you want to use, fill out the info username and password and your done. Then go to and log in . This is the general gist of it. Hopefully that helps?
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