SOLVED Wordpress not working in Internet Explorer - Please help

by Ursa Anzur 1 replies

I have problems with Wordpress themes not showing up properly in IE. Every single one I installed did not work.

I would be grateful if somebody can help me understand why this happens with every theme, even the default one. I have disabled all plugins, and it still doesn't make any difference.

The theme I'm using right now is StudioPress, and it works great in FF and Safari, even though it shows 13 errors at (I don't know how to correct them).
In IE it only shows the header and the title of the first post. This or something similar happened with all themes I installed previously.

I had no idea that this happens so much, yet nobody seems to have such problems. I was trying to find a solution myself, but I didn't find anything.

Can somebody explain to me please, why this happens with every theme I install.

And even if somehow I can fix the problem with this theme, how about all the other themes I want to use for my site flipping business I want to try...

I would appreciate if somebody helped me answer my questions. If it's not too much to ask, can you also help me fix the IE problem?

Thank you very much!


EDIT: I managed to solve my problem.
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    Can you share how you solved the problem? Perhaps it will help someone else with a similar issue.


    - Davis.
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