learning to build websites, resources needed!!!

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I want to learn to build websites..what would be my best resource for learning to do so?
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    Smashing Magazine
    Design Reviver

    to name a few. Browsing these sites will throw up articles for you from design to development.
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      First, take a HTML or PHP class in a community college. Second, learn about SEO reading the blogs available in the internet. You can also try Lynda.com, but there's lot of fluff in those videos.
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    Use Lynda, they are the most comprehensive I've seen so far. They even have videos to add visuals
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  • I'm building up a great tool that can help you building websites.
    you can learn & come up with ideas etc..

    I'll message you when its up.

    Good luck!
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    It is best if you will go to the nearest school in your place that offers web development.
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    It relatively easy to teach yourself wordpress. Then apply some of the hundreds of themes and plugins.

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    Im a student and trying to learn all this too. Id say as haymanpl says, get stuck in and see where it takes you. Open notepad -free on pc - make a html template. Dont know how? google - how to make a html template. Add some structure - check out w3schools as already mentioned. Once you know how to make and save a file, what do you want to do next - add more pages, google is your best friend. Wish i would have got my hands dirty instead of reading and trying to get my head around stuff. Then again im at the very beginning and dont get it all yet, but jumping in for me i feel ive made the most progress in the quickest time. Just my 2 cents - good luck!
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      Originally Posted by asc View Post

      Open notepad -free on pc - make a html template. Dont know how? google - how to make a html template.
      Honestly, thats the best advice so far. I went to school for print design 16 years ago. They taught straight from lynda books. So my advice would be to skip the college tuition and pay lynda.com $25/month. When I advanced to web design in 2001, I learned all on my own with photoshop and dreamweaver. If you can get your hands on Dreamweaver, its helpful because you can design something without code, then switch to code view and see how the code is written.

      I also downloaded ALOT of simplified templates then hacked away at them until I got them customized.

      Youll need to know photoshop (specifically how to slice a design), html and css. Then eventually move on to wordpress & php. Youtube is awesome for anything you wanna learn.
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    Hi, I was in a similar position and I am still learning (you don't ever stop).

    To learn in a fairly quick amount of time, I would recommend following free tutorials on Youtube, the most helpful for me when learning basics was a youtube channel - TheNewBoston by a guy called Bucky, he does easy to follow videos starting with HTML - XHTML - CSS and JAVA plus more after.
    I spent many hours watching different videos and these were the best to follow whilst learning.
    Use Notepad ++ to practice what you are learning and have a play with it.

    Hope it goes well for you, keep us updated with your progress and what path you decide to take! Good Luck.
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    I suggest you to visit W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. You will be able to learn the main base of website building
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    I'm actually starting a site where I do videos and train how to use Photoshop and also build websites. I you want to check it out and ask for something in particular, I can create a video for you...the site is tutorialplay [dot] com.

    Other than that, there is always YouTube. Hope that helps.
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    First, take a HTML or PHP class in a community college. Second, learn about SEO reading the blogs available in the internet. You can also try Lynda.com, but there's lot of fluff in those videos.
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    I think the W3Schools is probably one of the best places for the technical side of things. For the know-nothing-newbie, I highly recommend my friend Kitty's site at www.kimbro.net Check out the Study at her site. It will teach even the most non-techie how to build an HTML based website with an html editor software program, plus a TON of other tips on building a business online. Best of all its all Free.

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    I started with a basic free html editor called nvu Kompozer. Its very easy to use and you can switch between wysywig and the source html.
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    First you have to learn basics steps. You'll get these steps from W3School. Where you can learn easily.
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    take some courses html.
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    Have you tried Leanne King the wordpress Queen. She specializes in all things to do with wordpress setting, design customization etc... everything. Look for on google wpqueen dot com . I believe she is a warrior here too.

    You will at some point need to know a bit about wordpress sites for your clients in the future, so she's a great resource. Not the only one of course but pretty complete.


    (Ps. this is NOT an affiliate link.)

    Have a great day

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