Best WordPress Themes for 2011

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Every now and then I get bitten by the "theme bug", it usually happens when I purchase a new domain and need to find the perfect theme to use for it. It happened again just a few days ago, and I wanted to share a couple of the resources I used to find that ultimate theme.

1 - Smashing Magazine. This is usually my first stop, and often I don't need to look any further. Here is their latest collection:

Free WordPress Themes: 2011 Edition - Smashing Magazine

2 - Blogex. This is another great resource for WordPress theme information:

Best WordPress Themes of 2011 (UPDATED)

I've seen a few "what is the best free theme" posts lately, so I thought this might help. Or maybe you've been bitten by the "theme bug" as well - if you have then these pages probably have the cure!

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    Hey, Thanks for sharing nice resources of free wordpress themes. Wordpress is very famous blogging platform for self hosted blogs. i am big lover of Wordpress. I have used lots of free wordpress themes. For some of my premium blogging network, i am using premium wordpress themes.

    Thanks and keep sharing new and good wordpress theme resources.
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    Hi thank you for sharing this
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      My vote for awesome theme release this year goes to U-Design
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    U_design is good.Anyways thanks for the sahre buddy. Can you post something similar to joomla???
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    Hey friend, thanks for disclose the best resource. Keep it up friend.
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  • Not a big fan of free templates to be honest. Often too many bugs that once you have spent hours re-designing one of those, there then is the process of taking an age correcting the bugs. However a great starting point for those wanting to work from a template to design their own template.

    A nice selection though.

    I run a small business website design company and its lucky because I am a general internet addict. I really should be thinner considering the hours spent on it. Feel free to have a look at my photography and business blog too.

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    Ya that true.. I checkd it out... that good
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    Thanks for the info. Is there something similar out there for wordpress plugins?


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      those are great themes for art, photography and video. Some are ok for business related blogs.
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    If using free Wordpress themes you'll want to check the files for encrypted coding, Base64 is often used to hide malicious code, they highjack your backlink juice making it harder for you to rank. Haven't you ever wonder why they go through so much trouble giving them away for free?
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      Hi Bill, thankyou for this useful resources. I always stick with premium themes because for security reasons and for flexibility. Some of my favourite premium themes are woothemes,catalyst and thesis.
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        It's great to see these links been shared in the forum. I love Smashing Magazine as a resource

        I agree with Rich to an extent, yes free themes are not perfect and may have some bugs. However they are fantastic starting points for any wordpress website.

        With a free theme you can chuck something passable up for the time being and then focus on the content. Once you have got your content sorted you can go back and look at a paid theme or getting a custom theme created.

        Too many people spend time focusing on making the visual look of their website perfect, when it is the content that needs the most attention when you first start building a website.

        I have been using Splendio myself for my own personal blog, this theme is far from perfect and has a couple of bugs however it's good enough for now.

        I've been able to do some changes to get the theme working well enough for the moment. When it comes to the design & look of my site I can dot my i's and cross my t's later on.

        In the meantime I have been able to play with my site structure, add content to my site and really think about how I want it to function as a website.
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