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Do any of you guys know a free or cheap content management system for my website?

My website is written in classic asp, with AdSense, and there are rather many pages (it's not a blog).

I'm looking for a tool to help me updating these pages and easily create new ones, preferably SEO'ed.

Any ideas?


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    If you have asp, then you should be able to update automatically now. I mean, it all depends on how you have it set up. If you just started creating pages, without any thought into updating, then you might have to start from scratch, and use a template system, or switch over to a blog type CMS such as Joomla or Wordpress... both are free, and have various plug-ins. You can easily add AdSense info, and either use many of the free templates that are out there for design, or invest and buy a template so that you can customize to your liking (usually about $30-60).

    Hope this helps some.

    - Davis.
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      Use fantastico in cpanel to install Wordpress. I've always used that for a CMS and it works great.
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          Originally Posted by stanleyuroy View Post

          have you not encountered crises when updating scripts installed with the help of fantastisco yet?
          Never. Although I haven't used ALL the scripts they offer. But WP has always worked like a champ.

          Greg Schueler - Wordpress Fanatic... Living The Offline Marketing Dream...

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    Thanks for the input, guys.

    Have a great weekend.

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      Can´t agree more with ch3712. Wordpress would be a great solution to what you´re looking for. Give it a try. You won´t regret.


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    Obviously wordpress + platinum seo + adsense plugin + analytics + privacy policy plugin

    Wish You All Great Success in 2015 :)

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    Have you tried WP with GoDaddy? Where do you get the plugins from (and are they usable with godaddy)?


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    There are many good CMS out there both free and paid, but for what I know joomla is more flexible and professional, it's free too.
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    i will use wordpress for your purposes it's so user and SEO friendly!
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