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just wondering whats the best site builder out there so far Iv'e seen so many con site builder's lately that i'm having a hard time choosing a web host and site.

kind regards, skyler
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    Man, you meaning human or software?
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      It sounds like your looking for a hosting company.
      If that is the case visit this site Free Web Hosting, Free Templates, Free Tutorials and More - Zymic
      You can freely host with them.
      All you need to do then is to get your self a domain name and your all set.

      Just use Dreamweaver and Photoshop or Fireworks for your site building end of things and your all set.

      There are many other choices such as Word Press but I like Dreamweaver better my self because you design everything from the ground up and it provides a better learning experience.

      Photograph repairs, online computer help and simple site design. http://robinsden.com

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        It is good to go with site builder still people are having lots of advantage of using site builder. I really love to go with free website builder reason they provide lots of templates and easy CMS I mostly like wix.com it's providing flash services I also recommend you to go with ecositebuilder.com that providing good site and its really easy to build an search engine friendly site. If I share about simple and sound site then it would be easy to take name of wordpress.com

        Best of Luck
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        I stumbled across your suggestion for newbie website design, easy to do...
        so I will try it.
        wanted to let you know, if you have suggestions, can you please reply thanks.
        WordPress makes me crazy, or maybe its just because I have not figured it out.
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    I have used ecositebuilder its good and thanks for sharing wordpress and wix with us. I have found a good CMS with online site builder. Now people take few min to build website online
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    Go with known hosts like Hostgator, Bluehost or Justhost and use their tools to build a site. The easiest is Wordpress the tool for which you'll find in their cpanel and you can have your site up and running in a few minutes. There are many "how to" videos in YouTube that you can use for reference.
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      For people with little site building experience, I usually recommend Homestead.com - it's particularly user friendly. One tip, use the downloaded version of the program - it offers a far greater scope of options..

      Other than that, there is of course Wordpress.org - the staple of the majority of all online marketers..
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