SSL for Facebook, is public registration record needed

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I'm a little late working at getting some iFrames and apps working on Facebook, now that all the external hosted elements have to be SSL.

I took advantage of Namecheap's $1.99 + Comodo PositiveSSL deal

It appears I just have to get my host to provide a CSR code.

Just learned the real expense is a dedicated IP $3.95/month at my host.

I'm hoping multiple Facebook Apps and iFrames can be hosted on my shared account with this SSL domain name.

I'm just a little unclear whether the required registration info will be a public record, the actual domain has whois guard.

I would probably use a company name different than the current domain owner info if it were to be public.

Any tips would be appreciated.

I ran across a decent introduction to SSL for Facebook:

Facebook iFrames and SSL Certificates Explained
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  • As a hosting provider, I have lots of experience with SSL.

    The whois information doesnt matter, and yes you can host multiple facebook pages from one shared account. However, the cost of the dedicated ip address is a bit high. We charge only $2 a month for a dedicated ip address.

    Also, Comodo PositiveSSL, does not supply any information on who owns the cert so any information you enter into the cert will not make a difference.
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    I finally got the Comodo PositiveSSL and a dedicated IP working, I've come to learn how useless those cheap domain certifications (that don't display a company name) are, I haven't tried all browsers but the Mozilla browsers and maybe all put up an ugly untrusted alert that looks like some virus alert, the brave can OK the site and continue but that would be small minority.

    I'm going to look into Facebook app/iFrame hosting services, though I have to wonder of they can host multiple users on an company SSL domain.

    Looks like Facebook is working with heroku to provide free app hosting.

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