HTML to Wordpress Coding. Why are some $200 others $800. Quailty of Code Questions?

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I get some charge a higher rate, etc. But for the most part most of the coding and features look about the same.. So can anyone tell me what is a MUST have in terms of HTML to Wordpress coding?

So I want to go with: PSD to HTML $45- PSD to XHTML/CSS-PSD to Wordpress $99 for around $200-250.

But is like $600-$650.

So what am I missing here? They are both doing the same thing pretty much right? I don't care about turn around time, for all I care I could wait a month or longer. So will there be any difference in SEO or speed optimization, etc? This is for a business and I'm using the template about 15+ times over so I need it to be top of line without breaking the bank.

Is the extra $400-$450 worth it? Or do they pretty much do the same thing but price it differently.. I mean it's Wordpress, what can they really do different from each other?
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    Yeah the load times are faster with the more expensive ones from my understanding but the only thing that really makes the load time faster is the file sizes so if your psd's file size is optimized for the web which you can do in photoshop really easily you should still have fast loading times I guess thats their way of trying to get the noob. If you have photoshop I can tell you how to optimize it for the web or you can do a youtube search.

    They will charge extra for minor details that seem like a big deal.
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    I think the difference is the "assurance of quality", not the actual quality of work.

    Usually the more expensive ones would be the guys who work in markets where the clients are ok to pay for more (e.g. North America, Europe etc) and the cheaper ones would be the guys working in Indian Subcontinent (India, Pakistan etc) where people don't pay a lot.

    Also, the more expensive ones would have a long history of doing good work so they have reached this price point by incrementally increasing their price a few dollars at a time and others being ok with that price point.

    The cheaper ones are usually new to the market and want to use price as a differentiator.

    I would suggest that you go for the cheaper one but have realistic expectation of the quality and delivery time. Don't be disappointed if the final output is not what you expect. Usually if you work with these kinds of teams, give constructive feedback and if you are patient, you will get what you want.

    Wish you luck,
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    Originally Posted by komplex View Post

    Is the extra $400-$450 worth it? Or do they pretty much do the same thing but price it differently.. I mean it's Wordpress, what can they really do different from each other?
    First of all: They might be offering the same service and they might be doing the same thing, but that does not mean the results are equal!

    Dont listen to the people in here telling you it makes no difference! Its a huge difference! For instance: When I am cooking, I am doing the same thing my mother does, but does the dish taste like my mothers? Hell no!

    They either write clean code with no errors that is compatible with all major browsers or they write rubbish (like the one thats been generated from so called wysiwyg editors) code that has a lot of errors in it (but still works somehow because browser are very tolerant when it comes to render html code).

    Of course this also has effects on speed, but to really optimize pageload speed, you will have to take a lot of measures yourself: using a vps over simple webhosting, using a cdn etc.

    If I were you, I would look at their previous work and look at the code there and test it. For instance you could open the sites in various browsers, run the code through the w3 validator, debug with Firebug etc.
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    Basically there is the same service, the only difference however is in the estimated value of the service provider.

    You can also try to outsource at sites like elance.
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    The difference comes from the experience of the coders. An established coder with years of experience and projects behind him will charge you extra.
    At the same time, coders with less experience (and a small portfolio) will charge less.
    I`m not saying that the cheaper ones won`t do good work, but hiring one of them is a gamble.
    It all comes down if you are willing to take that gamble or not.
    HCF - Where Every Affiliate is Happy, Calm & Focused
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    I definitely agree with Grizzly; as I have been programming online for the same company for over 9 years now, have plenty projects under my belt and I would charge about $200 for the template conversion from PSD to Wordpress w/Responsive design. But I haven't had one complaint about the end result product when it's done as I've had over 9 years learning, perfecting and practicing my trade.

    Services offered: PSD to Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal Templates or Full Site, Custom PHP or C# Programming, Fix problems on any software, and more.

    You will get 25% OFF all services by mentioning the Warrior Forum. PM me here or email me to if interested and/or if you have questions.

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    You can get all these things in one place in 199 dollars with 50% discount also at Designs2html Ltd. I am also into this field, and my area is to convert HTML to WordPress. I am working with this company since 2008, and we are charging a nominal amount in this. However, the primary factor is quality, guaranteed satisfaction and delivery. So these all things can be found if you take the service of HTML to WordPress coding and theme.

    Don't need to worry, the main concern is a positive approach for converting these files. There is a costing difference because of the delivery, potential, experience and reputation of the developer, designer or the company. So, it's all depends on research also.

    Peter Gomes is a Senior Web Developer where his role is very effective and perfect to convert various PSD files to responsive markup and CMS conversion.

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