How to PDF to Image ?

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How to convert PDF to Image ?
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    You can use JPG to PDF creater available here for free:
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    You can convert them online and offline.
    Google : "free pdf to jpg converter"
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    there are free image converters online.. .you can also convert a pdf to image by opening them in adobe acrobat and you can use the screenshot tool.. .and paste it in any image processor and save it as jpeg.. .
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    It seems you read my mind! I'm also looking for a free converter about PDF. I grabbed info you guys provided.
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    www[dot]pdf2imageconverter[dot]com/download-now[dot]htm try this.. i think it should work
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    I usually drag my PDFs to Photoshop and save it as an image. Try it!
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      You can take a screen capture [using control, function plus print screen (ctrl + fn + prt sc)] of the pdf and then copy it into a photo editing program like MS Paint and then save it as a jpg.

      Content Creation and Publishing Design Specialist!

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    I think open office has one to convert to pdf I know they are free
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    use pdf to image converter
    easily available on google free download
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    Originally Posted by sumonrahman View Post

    How to convert PDF to Image ?
    There are many tools which you can download though if there's a online tool it's even better because you don't have to download, install, uninstall and delete that file thus I prefer online solutions to things like that. This is a nice tool have a look Free Online PDF Converter, Batch Convert to PDF or Image, Doc Converter, PDF Printer.
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    gimp can open pdf pages and then resave them as images.
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    +1 for using Gimp here
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    Use tiger PDF its best and covert pdf to any format.
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    You can use online PDF to JPEG converter or many other freeware softwares are available !! but Photoshop is my tool to convert the need..can be done need to go in search for any other online site or app..!!
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    Convert PDF to JPG (The Web Way)

    No installations ““ just browse to these websites, upload your files and it’s done.

    pdf jpg

    Perhaps, the most well known of the file conversion sites. Zamzar has been previously mentioned in Top Online File Converters. The process is simplicity personified: Choose the file to convert then choose the format to convert to (e.g. JPG) then enter your email address to receive the converted file then convert.

    The minuses with the free service are that the file size is limited to 100MB with just 5 simultaneous conversions. Also, you might feel a wee bit uneasy uploading sensitive data without encryption support.
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    3-steps PDF to Image Converter.
    • Step one: choose a desired PDF.
    • Step two: select an output image format.
    • Step three: convert!
    That’s it! Forget long “how-to” instructions. The process is intuitively comprehensible and doesn’t require any special knowledge. Using PDF to Image you can convert PDF to JPEG, PDF to PNG, PDF to GIF, PDF to TIFF, PDF to EMF and PDF to BMP format. Regardless of what format you need, the process still takes only three simple steps
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    i have had this question before, and now i have multiple suggestions, thank you everyone. great post...
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    Download a software use PDF to Image Converter, its simple and easy to use.
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    Open in Photoshop, then save as whatever you want.
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    Most Windows Vista and 7 come with a free snipping tool. Usually, on the start menu under accessories. You can also go to and search for snipping tool and download it. It's free. You just position the rectangle window over the image and click. It captures whatever is on the screen inside that rectangle. Then you can save as a jpeg.
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