Drupal 6 or Drupal 7?

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I am upgrading from Drupal 5, and I was going to go with the latest and greatest, but I've heard that even though Drupal 7 is stable, all the modules are still a little iffy on 7. On the other hand, I don't want something that's older and will go out of date soon. Should I upgrade to 6, or 7?
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    If you really want to develop and keep the maintenance minimum, then go for Drupal 6. It has been tested extensively by community and the API documentation is complete (So is Drupal 7s but with bugs). Even if you want to use the modules available, most of them are not going to be stable until a few months from now on. I am planning to make the switch at least 6 months after the release date, being the middle of this year. That is the great thing about Drupal: Upgrading is always supported and you never have to make an installation from scratch.
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    I think Dp6 is better, too many things in Dp7 are developing
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    This is kind of unrelated to the topic of which version of drupal to use, but it may be of some help to somebody. I did an average size site in drupal about 50 pages, everything was going along fine and as upgrades came out i found it difficult upgrading.

    Everytime I tried it gave me errors that I could not locate reasons for them and I gave up and kept the version i had. Maybe it was the theme that i was using who knows, but I kept it and didn't give it much thought as i was never hacked or anything.

    The issue with Drupal came out later when I was switching to a new host, I found out that a drupal database was somewhat resource intensive, the site was relatively small about 50 pages and that was mainly small 300-400 word articles. I had transferred many wordpress sites to different host and never had a problem.

    When i tried moving the drupal site to hostgator I wasn't able to upload the database in an easy manner. Hostgator had a "(Max: 50MiB) " limit and my database was 68, so it failed everytime. I tried a software called bigdump and it was supposed to work, but everytime i tried i would get an error with the database and it would stop uploading.

    As a result i was never able to upload it and ended up making a wordpress install on a subdomain of another wordpress site and painstakingly copied and pasted from the drupal site to new wordpress site. Once I completely copied the content I deleted the old site in drupal and installed a fresh wordpress install on the domain, then copied the site from the subdomain to the new install with phpMyadmin and then deleted the subdomain.

    That got it working fine, the new site actually looks better then the drupal site as I have learned wordress very well and was able to make a better site.

    So I would recommend to keep that in mind if you plan on transferring to new host or selling the site, because the transfer will not be too smooth.
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      yes i would definitely go for Drp 6
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    Actually I prefer Drupal 6 because till now I never used Drupal 7 version. And my friends told me about that Drupal 6 is better than 7. But there haven't been any comparisons between Drupal 6 and 7 recently.
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    go for drupal 6.
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    Go for Drupal 6 You won't be disappointed.. too many things in Drupal 7 are developing..
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