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Hey warriors,

I'm building an e-commerce website that sales T-shirts and want to know what the best order form plug-in is? I have looked through Gravity forms, contact form 7, and others but are there any plug-ins that work like a shopping cart and order form?

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    The "classic" forms won't help.

    You need a shopping cart (or plugin with the same functions) if you need the buyer to input variables (like size, colour etc.) in an order form. Like and "add to cart" function.

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    I see, so more of an e-commerce plug-in. Would the WP e-Commerce one work?
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      For a simple Wordpress shopping cart plugin that's easy to use try Digital Access Pass.

      I have used many complex platforms only to find most features a total waste and usually they have monthly fees.

      Digital Access Pass is very simple to setup and allows you to take payments from Clickbank,, and Paypal (including subscriptions which is key for continuity).

      You can set it up in a few hours and it's pretty cheap. Just do a search for it.
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    There are plenty of good e-commerce plugins for WordPress. Some good one are also free to use. I can dig out a few of them from my own stash. No available right now. So can't give you names. All the best.
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      Great question. I've used WP e-commerce successfully as a FREE option, but the hidden cost was in using a WP template that supported it or getting a programmer to integrate it into your WP Template. I had figured it out on my own and created a generic, working shopping cart, but my client wanted to customize much of it.

      I've also started using . . . They offer a popup shopping cart and thus far have worked well. We're selling shippable products with it as well.

      Be sure to post what you end up doing. Would like to hear what you decide

      Theresa 8-)

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    Thanks for the input, I downloaded Wp e-commerce plug-in and will be using that first to see how well that works out.

    If not, I will try out your suggestions as well
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      What type of "Order Form" exactly? I kind of agree with the gentlemen that responded with the first comment... You are probably better off with a "merchant/shopping account or cart" system. At least that's the way I would go.


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    Check out (DAP). It offers a built-in shopping cart, which has an "Add To Cart" as well as a "Buy Now" feature.

    Now, FYI: the DAP cart does not have some features required to sell T-shirts - like "Color" or "Size" or "Men's" or "Women's" etc. For that we recommend (1SA), our 1shopping cart private label (which will get you a free copy of DAP, btw).

    - Ravi Jayagopal
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    You'll gonna need some plugins relating to E-commerce
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    I recommend Digital Access Pass if you are looking to run a membership website. It's the best WP membership script out there. I've used it and love it for membership websites.

    I am creating a wordpress-driven t-shirt website as well. You should look into Cart66. Just do a Google search for it. They have a Lite(free) version as well as a full featured version. Cart66 is better than WP eCommerce in my opinion.

    I hope that this helps!
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    you could try cart66
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    Wordpress has thousands of plugins try making pin point search Ajax froum and bla bla can help you. Look for one!
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    I know you're building your site on WordPress, but if you're not too far along you might want to consider a dedicated ecommerce service like Shopify. They have some pretty nice-looking themes and they offer a really robust shopping cart and order processing system.

    BTW, I have no affiliation with Shopify, but I was thinking about opening on an online store a while back and was planning on using them.
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    Hey guys, so just an update. I have checked out all your suggestions and they all excel in one area or another but I went with Gravity forms because if you buy the developers package at $199 you not only get paypal integration to your forms/products, but subscription setups and invoices.

    If I didn't fork over the money for the developers license the next best thing seemed to be cart66 just in-case you don't want to pay that much.

    Thanks for the advice and help guyz
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    Just saw in here you know about Gravity Forms and thought i ask you something.

    I currently configure a wooCommerce Theme for a client. normaly there is no issue at all as the documentation is well explained. unfortunately i dont get help in the Forum and need some help. All i need to know is, whether you would be willing to give me a tip how i can create such a ordering page like this (see URL) in Gravity Forms (dev.). I installed the necessary Plugins already for the ecommerce Theme.
    In short words,lets say, on a page the 3 steps with different ways to select options for the Product they selected at the beginning then upload a file and as they go further they can add additional items and check out ... lets say a simplification of this way here --- Order Online . I would also pay you something if you could give me a short advice that i am able to start because i dont know how to start with such a form like this....
    Thank you so much for any feedback or advice. I really appreciate that.
    God bless you
    Steve Amphaijit
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    i don't think @improved SEO is looking for anything like those..he is looking for free options..
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