Anyone know of this Plugin for Wordpress??

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a good Wordpress plugin with a Capcha or some kind of way to help keep spammers from leaving comments. I have been getting many junk spammy type comments lately and it's kind of a waste of time to moderate and frustrating as well. Any suggestions will be awesome! Thanks
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    Try installing AKISMET....
    Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It keeps your site protected from spam even while you sleep.
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      Is it free? Is it easy to use? I heard good things about it.
      how do you add it to your website or blog? please reply
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    As said above, use Akismet (free plugin) with the default settings and default comment moderation settings in Wordpress. You won't need to do much to maintain after that.
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      Keep comments box only on pages/posts where you intend to actively seek comments and moderating it. Otherwise, remove comments box altogether.
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    There are quite a few free WordPress plugins available from official downloads section at their site. You can try and choose what works out best for you - WP Captcha-Free, Simple CAPTCHA, SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam...
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    I am using SI CAPTCHA and Slide 2 Comment.

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    You can always disable comments when you feel you have enough on that post, moderating spam comments is an ongoing thing, unless you decide not to, even with having captcha, as many spammers use decaptcha services. But Akismet does a good job.
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      I use SI CAPTCHA on all my Wordpress blogs and recommend it highly.
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    I have developed Engare user & Anti spam plugin. If you are looking for better ways to fight spam give it a try.

    The Contact Form 7 functionality is under development. I need a few people to test it. Anyone interested?
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    Use the CommentLuv plugin. It's free from the Wordpress Plugin repository.

    There are a premium paid version too available from the developer's site.
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