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First off thank you in advance for any suggestions on how to best handle the following issue-

I am fairly new at Wordpress and I am helping a friend changing her website from a website template that she used from her previous hosting company (iPage).

We switched her over to my hosting (reseller w/hostgator) and resurrected her new website using WordPress.

On her old site she could only have a fixed number of pages so she combined two pages together - Customer Comments and FAQ's -

On the new site, however, we created a separate page for both the testimonials and FAQ's.
(Testimonials | alohabakeshop.com)
(FAQs | alohabakeshop.com)

*** This is where I need the help - she mentioned to me after we did the change that she was ranking 1st place on google for "guava cake, Portland" and the link of course points to the "old" page that no longer exists - (http://www.alohabakeshop.com/customer-comments--faq.html)
but this then of course takes you to a 404 error.

* I am not able to get into the old hosting site (iPage) anymore due to her closing it -

How is the best way for me to handle this since we now have the customer comments on a testimonials page and the FAQ's on separate pages?

It is ranking for a Customers' Comments so ideally it I would like to redirect it to the testimonials page ...

I REALLY appreciate any HELP on this!!!

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