Is css3 really useful?

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I am sorry to put such a topic heading, but i have been watching my work lately in different versions of IE. Most of the tags of CSS3 are not supported by IE. Is there any way to get around this problem?
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    as any new standard is mainstreamed you will find that support for that standard varies from browser to browser and across different protocols i have always found it better to stay with standards that are widely accepted and supported and even then you will run into issues with older versions of ie and or even other browsers. basic rule of thumb always stick with the standard that is a couple of years old or even older.
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      What IE version are you using?
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    I agree with Ronc0011

    ignore css3, unless there is a specific css3 tag you "have to" use, then it is not worth using it, because you will end up spending lots of money to then write alternatives for the browsers that do not support your feature.
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    A lot of Css3 is supported in ie9 and it's been around a little while now.

    I started using css3 in my site when I redesigned it a few days ago.

    It looks great in all modern browsers I tried. (IE9 Avant Opera Firefox Chrome Safari

    PDF and Kindle Books

    It uses just a few lines of code for the rounded corners and shadows.

    What do you think?

    These would all be square in really old browsers though.

    WordPress Domination: from Beginner to Ninja in 7 Days

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    These standard varies from browser to browser so you should check which browser you are using first
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    yeah i think so css3 play an important role in your creative site design site designe with css3 agree with all browser compatibility
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    CSS3 is very important. Just because IE is lagging behind doesn't take away from it. IE9 is getting caught up to speed on a lot of the common CSS3 code.

    If you are a developer you should be testing in all browsers anyway. There are sites like Adobe Browser Lab and BrowserShots that will help you see what the site looks like.
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    Depends on who visits your sites. If most of them visit it on a modern browser, save the time and write stuff up with CSS3.
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      CSS is very important to a website, it create a effective looks and makes user friendly.
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    If you are familiar with CSS in general and you are good in HTML I personally recommend using Paul Irish's HTML Boilerplate.

    At the moment I am using this Boilerplate for a new landing page that will be released in some weeks (I hope).

    CSS3 is a nice toy but you should make sure that your site is cross-browser compatible and the functionality is give in ALL browser.

    It depends on which CSS3 effects you are planning to use. Round corners? Transition effects? Gradients?

    The usage of conditional comments for IE browser is needed anyway.

    If you use CSS3 make sure that you use the vendor prefixes in your CSS, except you are using the HTML5 Boilerplate. The modernizr plugin does this for you.


    Oh btw, I have a nice list of tools that can help you with CSS3 stuff.

    HTML/CSS/jQuery/ZURB Foundation/Twitter Bootstrap/Wordpress/Frontend Performance Optimizing
    Need HTML/CSS help? Skype: microcosmic - Test Your Responsive Design -

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    Originally Posted by NewDeveloper View Post

    Is there any way to get around this problem?
    Yes, don't use IE, lol
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