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Ive turned to the experts that may be able to help in this small dilemma
I have a Wordpress blog and I cannot, for some reason, see red
<font color="Red"><h1>NEWSFLASH</h1></font>
If I add this to my usual html editor it works fine
But in Wordpress it stays black no matter what variations I try.
Can anyone make a suggestion here?

A grateful Warrior
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    Instead of

    style="color: red;"
    style="color: #FF0000;" (or "#800000" for a darker red)

    The inline style will override any style sheet color definitions.
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      PS: Just realised the H1 tag. Put the style in the H1 tag:-

      <h1 style="color: red;">NEWSFLASH</h1>

      You can delete the FONT tag
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    Yes, do it as a style and not a font tag. The font tag is old code.

    Here's a quick css reference CSS Reference
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    Keeping yourself updated with the latest developments in the field of html could be challenging. Specially when it changes so fast.
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    Thank you all, It is now "red". I'm not quite sure what happened there, or the why with "font" included it didn't work- oh well! Thanks again for your help.
    I've bookmarkd that CSS Guide also. Should prove handy.
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