Please review my fragrance, skin care and make up site

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Hello all,

I would like my site to be reviewed

here it is: Online Shopping for Perfumes & more

All comments are appreciated.

Thank you in advance
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    The header is very hard to read.
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    The site is very good, simple, clean and matching color for an eCommerce site. But can you work on your header, logo or whatever you refer it as? its really unprofessional and it kinda reduce the overall outstanding layout of the style.
    Other than that great work

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    Very nice color scheme, I like the feel of it.
    But well yes, your logo is kind of pixel-y - I'm not sure, but I suppose you can do something about it
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    Everyone seems to have pointed out the header. A few options for making it better would be:

    1 Having a contest here on Warrior Forum to see who could make the best design and offer cash for the winner of the contest.

    2. On a budget? There are several people on that will design a header for 5 bucks. Some are pretty decent for the money.

    3. Hire a warrior in the "Warriors For Hire" Section.

    Other than that the site looks great. I like the giftboxes in the top right that blend the header into the body of the site. That's a nice touch.

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    On the whole, I really like the design of the site. Its simple, looks good, and it's effective. I hate to just parrot what the rest are saying, but the header is a bit difficult to read. The font definitely needs to be bigger, and more well-defined (less blurry), but even with just those simple changes, I expect it will turn out quite nicely
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    A cool shopping cart..The color chosen is more attractive..Great work !!
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