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Well I've created websites for people before but never something for myself, so have created this website as my first venture into IM.
I'm a bit of a newb, have only been researching this stuff the last few weeks since its so hard to get a job right now.
I want to try and build a mailing list from it, whilst also providing a good amount of free information that can be very helpful.
The site is in WP, my first time using it.
Am looking for constructive criticism relating to content, though there isn't much content right now, will this be a site that anyone wants to look at?
I plan on adding in sections about backlinking, plr and affiliates as well.
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    Hi Tim,
    If I could offer one comment - maybe two...

    As you have the site set up at the moment, the front page will change as you add new posts.
    I think it might be better if the front page stayed on-topic i.e. list building.

    To do this go to Settings/Reading
    Then choose 'Front page displays' - 'a static page'
    Set it to display a page about list-building...
    You could write a page or post specifically as your front page.

    To get subscribers on to your list
    You have
    "Subscribe for My First eBook Containing Powerful Techniques On Viral List Building"
    Might be better with something along the lines of
    "Get Your FREE Report on Powerful Viral List Building Techniques"

    Just my 2 cents...
    Otherwise, good job mate.

    All the best,

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    I agree with Kev as far as the words you are using to get subscribers..I would also get a ebook cover designed and add it as well. I know Ive seen some people around on this forum who can help you with that but I dont remember who. You can always us fiverr and pay someone $5 to make you one.

    I also think you should try to stay true to your main topic on the main page at least with your main posts showing. I see you have the top post take up the full width of the section and then you have the half posts under. I would try to make 2 - 3 full width excerpt posts that are about link building and then underneath you can have a couple other half post topics that relate.

    Your main post you have right now is about SEO...Im assuming its because you have it set to display your latest post on the top? Well, If I came to your site thinking im about to learn how to techniques on how to build links but your main post is 'What is SEO and how does it work'...I think that would throw me off a little bit imo.

    I think its great to have an all around site that can help out with all the topics that go hand in hand but I wouldnt necessarily have it on the front page as the first thing I see you know. I would suggest putting links to other topics in the sidebar, also as a part of your main menu. Also, the text is a little small for me ...I'm not sure if others feel the same.

    Your offers section in the left sidebar is pretty blah. As it is right now...I dont think I would click on any of the links. Maybe make your offers section more enticing?

    Some would say add a logo instead of the text on top. I think its up to you lol. Ive been to sites that had a great design, great logo etc but had horrible content.. I think sites that look good (great graphics) have played apart in me staying on a site longer because in my head im thinking ..."This site has to have what im looking for because its looks so great and professional" ...only to be disappointed and thats all it was -a great looking site that didnt offer me anything I needed but bs.

    That may have been a little off subject but anyways...all in have a clean, simple professional looking site. I didnt read any of the content so I cant really say much about the info you have provided...but just continue to build it up with more relevant, unique posts. Continue to build backlinks so you can drive more traffic and definitely add some social links for sharing. There are alot of free plugins that can help you with that as well.

    ....hope this helps.
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    build theirs.
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    Thanks Kev, this helps alot, the subscription change is great, I've done it straight away.

    The website started as only one topic so I hadn't thought of a static page yet, but it is just what it needs. I can only have newest posts show up with the theme I'm using it appears so might start looking at a new theme.

    and Nickels; thanks for taking the time to view my site, I enjoyed reading your comments and will definitely be thinking alot tomorrow while I'm making changes.

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    Hi Tim,
    I agree that you should change the headline of your optin box so it doesn't say "Subscribe via Email Now"

    I'm a designer so my first thought was that you should add some color or some images and graphics to make pop more visually.

    Also, have you thought about attaching a personal brand to it? Such as Tim Smith's List Building Bulletin

    By adding a personal touch to it will help give your site some more appeal if people are getting information from a real person and not just another list building website.

    Hope that helps.
    Co-Founder of the Local Profit Model Training Program for Offline Consultants

    Jason Zimmerman is an offline marketing and consulting professional. He has been developing web sites and digital marketing plans for local businesses since 2000.
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    I Agree with images... the page looks too much like it's all about the ads now. A little image for each post would certainly lighten it up!

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