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if you open the home page of my web site (link on my signature below),

you will notice that in the middle of the page, there is a white arrow button.
If you click on it, the page (land to another page) will show you the rest of the contents.

But honestly, I really need to find another graphic/design/layout to make the content appear in a nice different way.

Do you know any software or language code that I can use in order to change it?

Thank youuuuuuu
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    The arrow button just appears to be a simple hyperlinked graphic leading to another page with the expanded contents. Changing the button, or the landing site, would be a trivial as just editing the image tag to reference a new image, or the hyperlink to reference a new page (or both).

    I'm not much of a fan of the current layout however, its far too black, and there isn't a lot of content. You should be able to edit most of the page's content using HTML, so I'd strongly suggest reading up on this.

    Just out of curiosity, was it you who made the site, or did you get someone else to do it? And if it was you, I presume you used a template? And what sort of hosting are you using?
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      thanks for the feedback.

      the site is a mix of so many coding pieces from everywhere.

      the host is: godaddy
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    No worries.

    So, to make your site, did you just use borrowed code to put it together to get what you have now? Doing that can make producing a web page easy, however it does come with the downsides of you not understanding how the code behind the web-page actually works, and thus not being able to make changes to it.

    Now, what software are you using to edit your website. Are you using something like frontpage, dreamweaver or another graphical site editor, or are you just using a text-based editor (or does godaddy provide a text/wsiwyg editor online)?

    What editor you are using will largely affect how you will need to go about approaching making changes to your site. I presume you have no prior HTML/CSS/Javascript experience?
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      My knowledge from 1 to 10 about HTML and CSS is about 4. I am now in the middle of focusing on styding these 2 language very good. After I am done, I am going to study JAVA and than will see.

      Anyway I was able, with my short knowledge, to put together all these code and here we go. My site is on line.

      Two 4 ago I start to use NOTEPAD for creating HTML pages. Than I feel more confortable and I start to use of this free software that you create HTML and CSS.

      Are you a programmer? If yes which is your speciality? HTML or CSS or JAVA or whatelse?
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    I'm actually a uni student, although I have experience in several programming languages. You could call mea programmer of sorts - though not by occupation.

    My main specialty at the moment would be MATLAB, however that would have little application in IM other than for simulation and analysis purposes. I also know Python, C, Mathematica, Visual Basic and CUDA. These aren't terribly useful for web design however.

    As far as web design languages go, I've worked extensively with HTML and CSS in the past, and have some knowledge of Javascript. HTML and CSS are the primary building blocks of most web-pages, so learning these is a good start. I too originally started making web-pages in notepad, and I prefer to have direct control over the code rather than to use a GUI such as dreamweaver or frontpage to build it. That said, those softwares allow you to see the code and page simultaneously, and as such can be quite useful for editing.

    Hopefully that answers your question. Also, note that Java and javascript are two different things - one is a compiled programming language (Java), the other is a script-based language predominantly used in web pages (Javascript).
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    I suggest using AJAX to make it better! you can load the page dynamically using a graphic(button), nice thing is the page won't refresh! i donno what you have on your mind, just my 2 cents...!
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    Think so the existing site is good from my view, but only one disadvantage is that the pages reloads again when we click on the white arrow, under this case My Suggestion is, you can go with AJAX !!
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    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    My project is a kind of an open source project. Just in case you would like to contribute it will be an honor for me.

    From the home page of the site, all way on the top-right side, you can find the ICON GEAR. Click on it.

    In particular case, there is a section called: Design Layout and you can find the files.

    Thank you again to everyone.

    I hope to receive an email from you soon.

    Take care
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    Sounds Cool !! just gave a glance to the root as u said..Sure will suggest u design layout soon depending on your requirements
    Thank u
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      Ok sounds perfect.

      So far, right now, let's concentrate only on the process of Expand and Collapse of the content located in the home page.

      When I said the " process " I mean the way that the content show up on the page, the way of using a nice tequinque to show this content, the way that the content magically appear on the page and magically disappear from the page.

      You can change the button graphics too. But we want the user be able to see it and click on it. Does not have to be a " must " but if it is visible is much better.

      This is the link where you can find all the files:

      Kausha - Your starting point for a nice web surfing

      After you create your first draft, you can email me the files. I can load them on the server and we all can start some feedback.

      You find the email address on the web site.

      If something is not clear, before you start programming, let me know. Its better you have your answer before you start.

      Later my friends
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    Hi violaf,

    Thanks mate, I'll have a look at your site files, and see what I can knock together. Do you have any requests regarding the design and colour-scheme of the site? If not, I'll try preserve the same sort of colour scheme (dark) that the site currently has.

    Can't make any promises, but I'll see what I can do.
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      yes I would love to keep the color black background:

      Black [ #000000 ]

      Lets keep the way that is right now. For now. Design and Layout need to be the same.

      Lets concentrate on the expand and collapse content issue. And remember the USABILITY. The button needs to be visible and easy to be click and easy to come back to the starting position.

      You are more than welcome.

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    Hi violaf,

    I just got the expand/contract working by using javascript and AJAX, so now it doesn't require the loading of a new page. Now I just need to modify it so that it fits the page properly (there are a few alignment issues). Other than that, I'm still using all the same graphics (haven't changed the button yet), but I'll look into that later, if you'd like.

    Will probably drop you an email once I'm done with draft 1. Shouldn't take too much longer, I expect.

    EDIT: It took approximately 8 seconds lol. I'll send it now, just so you can see if you like how it works. I might have a look at alternate button graphics now. Do you have anything in mind for these (colour, design etc.)?

    EDIT2: Files sent
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