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I have noticed for a long time that some of my bookmarked sites have a little icon for the site along with its name and others just have an empty box so I bookmarked my site to see if it has an icon or not. It doesn't have a bookmark icon just an empty box so what do I need to do in order for my site to have a bookmark icon as part of my bookmarks rather then just an empty box. Thanks Mark
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    Hey marks,
    I believe you are referring to a favicon. This is a 16px x 16px image named "favicon" that has a file extension of ".ico".

    Use this to include it :
    <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="/favicon.png" />
    If you have any other questions, I'd be glad to help.
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    You will need a favicon.

    Found a good article that will explain more in depth than I have time to write.


    I have actually used this online editor to create them:

    Best of luck,
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    I think that's just normal, as mine too has that little favicon showing up sometimes also, when my site gets bookmarked by social bookmarking services.
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    This is called a favicon.

    You can create one for free using favicon.cc

    To get it on your site it will need to be placed in the root directory.

    If you are using wordpress just install this plug in

    AmberPanther Favicon for WordPress

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    Its simple to create a Bookmark icon..You can also say as favicon, shortcut icon, URL icon !! 16x16 is the default pixel size of an favicon..You can create the favicon with this easily Online Favicon Generator
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    The best tutorial I have read and am actually going through right now is at:
    How to create a Favorites Icon and bookmarking script
    It teaches all about making favicons - even how to create animated favicons.
    Its worth a look.
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    As everyone said, it is called favicon.
    I have a free video on my website, that sows step by step, how you can add favicon to your website.
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