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Am building a site for a family member who has a small side biz. I've worked with both WP and website templates, but just don't know which way to go with this site. So looking for your best suggestions and reasons as to which to go with.

The site will be along the collectibles line, there will be a physical inventory, there needs to be purchase options (but not necessarily a shopping cart at this point -- PayPal purchase option is pretty easy to deal with), want articles on the site about various items and such, want a calendar of upcoming events or shows, images of the items available.

Not a real difficult site, but not sure which option will give me the best ease of handling, the best "look" and whatnot. Am hosting with HG and am tempted to use one of their templates for this site -- but am having a little bit of anxiety about using html again in this manner. WP has been relatively easy for me to work with in the past, good plug ins, and easy to maneuver images around. Just don't want it to look like a blog -- which this site would not be. (Yes, I know how to use static pages and the like).

Ideas anyone? Thanks so much!!

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    I would get an eCommerce Wordpress theme.
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      Thank you, Yukon. I've just skimmed through about 50 WP ecommerce themes and nothing really fits my mindset yet. Will keep looking through them. Would make the most sense, right, since everything is all ready set up to function seamlessly.
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    Originally Posted by Cheryl Keyworth View Post

    Just don't want it to look like a blog.

    Hi Cheryl, honestly, you can get WordPress to look like anything you want it to. It has no limitations that I've been able to reach. I'm currently managing a WordPress redevelopment of a Flash website. You can see it in it's early stages here, and view the original here.

    WordPress has no limits. The limits are a combination of imagination, skill, time, and money.

    "The Dominance characteristic values competency, results, and action. The Influence characteristic values action, enthusiasm, and relationships. The Steadiness characteristic values relationships, sincerity, and dependability. The Conscientiousness characteristic values dependability, quality, and competency... it is necessary to give them the thing they value most." - from Convert, by Ben Hunt

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      Maybe I just needed an affirmation that WP is still the way to go even on this little project. WP is limitless, I will agree with you. Thank you. This wasn't a particularly mind boggling query for the rest of you I'm sure...LOL...and I've been happy building WP sites right along -- just never delved into the ecommerce side of things in this manner. Again, thank you!
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    I feel WordPress is the best for making a starter website. It can also be used to make great sites for companies. There is nothing you can not do with WordPress.
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    I say to go with Wordpress and that way you can easily upgrade the site later on. If you go with a static site, you would have to pay extra money or do CMS integration later on to upgrade the site.
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      Hey Cheryl,
      I think wordpress is the way to go as well and recently there have been quite a few breakthroughs in solid ecommerce plugins. Most recently, woo themes has created woocommerce which is a free plugin and there is a free wootique theme to go with it. But it is very robust in it's customizations. And eventually you can grow it with some extensions if needed. Just search for wootique and woocommerce. I'm not affiliated or anything, I have just recently done a lot of research for a potential ecommerce project that I'm working.

      Good Luck!
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