Do free Wordpress themes have security issues?

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I've heard that free Wordpress themes have security issues. I'm not sure if it's safe to use them or not.
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    I think it depends upon the source. Some free themes are genuine and excellent value, but those I would never trust are those which have self-serving content programmed into the footer which cannot be removed.

    I've also heard that some of the Adsense plugins are programmed to cream off a percentage of the site's earnings.
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    I've heard that free Wordpress themes have security issues.
    Not those from the site...

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    i have never had a problem with this before
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    It depends on where you get them from...Most of the time the biggest issue is having multiple affiliate links in the footers, (not the actual theme maker credit), and sometimes the sidebar (rare)....There are ways to remove them but you will need to do it correctly or else you could lose the entire theme.

    Other than that I've never had an issue but if your using anything for Ecommerce I would recommend doing some research and finding something reputable, free or not.
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    I often use free Wordpress themes but i didn't find such kinda issue yet.
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      It depends.. I have four websites which are running perfectly fine with WP themes whereas there's this one website which Ive launched a month ago. This website have been hacked thrice already by some Iranian hackers. I think there's some problem in the script which is allowing them to enter..But apart from this one website, I never had any problem with WP theme..

      Internet is a dangerous place to live..
      The Best VPN Service helps me secure myself :)

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    I don't think soo.
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    Not really, but I wouldn't trust them for legit sites. You download it from one person, they download it from another, etc etc. Then you end up getting it 10 places from the real source.. Who knows what has been modified.. I don't use them, never will. Always make my own.
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    I used free themes before and I don't have a problem with security.., If you could build your own skin for wordpress that would be the best...
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      I've been wondering about the security of my wordpress sites lately also.

      After doing some research I discovered that the real threats to a WP site is when people try to get into your wp-admin or wp-content folders.

      One thing you can do is to create a blank html file called "index.html" and FTP it into each of those folders. Then if someone hacked through your password and went to either of those folders all they would see is that blank index page (and not a list of download links for every file in the folder).

      I've also read that there is no way to completely secure a wp site.

      It seems pretty random and unfortunate if hackers target your site for some reason.

      Index pages are a good basic security measure

      I'm not sure about the free themes themselves

      I usually use the free version of Flexibilty 3 which is really awesome and I've never had any problem with them. I've emailed with them with a bunch of questions and their support is great even for using the free version - I've never bought anything from them

      anyway those are my thoughts on it
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    Well I have been using free word press themes for my site for quite long time now. But i have not gotten any issue regarding security of my site.
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