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I am trying to give away my ebook on a website. The ebook is complete and I typed out a sales page (just on microsoft word). I bought my domain and hosting but dont really know where to go from here. I don't know how to put a sales page into website format where I can also have them type in there email to keep a list. I also have an aweber account but I don't know how to put this all together. Help much appreciated!! thank you
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    Hi Eric

    That is a lot of questions. I think you are trying to run before you can walk.

    Probably best if you started by breaking each section down and learning each component separately.

    I would get a sales page done first. There is a lot of information here in the forum on how to do this.

    When you have got a sales page look at how to set up a simple PayPal button so you can sell your ebook. (You really need to have the book in pdf format. There is a lot of free software around to convert your Word document). I would also look at PayLoadz or a similar service that will allow you to have a buy button and have your ebook automatically downloaded by the buyer. When you have got that going then look at Aweber.

    Kind regards
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      It depends how you want to do it and how much you want to spend. If you wanted to sell if right from your site you would want to buy an SSL certificate and so on. It would be much easier for you to look into
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      I think you need to get someone that can do the work for you. There are a lot of people here who know how to do this work for you.

      If not you will have to spend a lot of time learning and time is money.
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    When I first started out and had little to no budget I would use Coffee Cup Free HTML Editor to build my pages (has tutorial and is easy to use)...Google it and you will find it...

    As for the mail list, ect No offense at all but I think as a beginner you are getting ahead of yourself...I would suggest just building the page in the free editor, adding a paypal "buy now" button, and sending the download link manually after ppl purchase.

    You will need to obviously promote your page, but once you get a few sales you can pay someone to help you upgrade, buy some books, or just leave it alone if the response it good.

    Remember tho, the better the page/site the better the feeback will be, so take your time with the landing page and make it as nice as you can. If you need help google, HTML tutorial, there are TONS of free resources that can help you.
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      Hey Eric,

      I'll help you out with it. no charge or anything. I just finished writing an ebook on this very topic. I'll send it to you if you want - I don't have enough posts right now to message you a warrior forum message.

      my email is jonnynan @

      Getting a squeeze page set up and setting up your aweber is easy. I'll walk you through the whole thing and you'll see how simple it is

      just email me and I'll send you the ebook and help you through the process. no worries

      - Jon Brickley
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        You need a lot of help .....i think you should hire a wordpress expert for these jobs...
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    You have an autoresponder service that will give you code to use on your web site for opt-ins so that you can build a list.

    You could make a web page that is not linked to from any other page, what some call a free floating page. On that page place a link to the ebook so that, when clicked, the visitor will be able to save it.

    In your wWeber autoresponder you could make the first one an email that contains the link to the free floating page on your site. That way only those who have opted in can get to the ebook. This is a common way, but is not a secure way. Really crafty folk can scrape your site and get the ebook without opting in, but for those few it is not usually considered worth it to secure access to it by more complicated means. Now, if the ebook had a monetary value vs. an email capture value, I would not suggest this method but rather a more complicated secure way. But that is not what you asked for here. What I have suggested should be fine for your purpose.

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    You need to have a website design program to design the sales page and publish it on your domain in your hosting a/c. Or you can install wordpress on your domain. Since you already have aweber a/c, you need to set it up in a way that links to your website to collect the email addresses.
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      I can help you out...let me know if you are still looking for...
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    I'd highly reccomend installing Wordpress with a WSO type theme.

    I'll write you 30 x 500 word articles @ $120 - Inbox me?

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