Anyone having problems with the latest version of Wordpress?

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I just installed a new Wordpress blog and during the editing of the first article I am setting up my H2 and H3 tags. The first one went OK after a couple of errors, but the H3 tag will not work right.

I set it with the drop down and it turns to UPPERCASE without any increase in font size. Tried this a few times and it just flips back and forth between regular type and uppercase. So I go into the HTML, which is the way I had to do it the first time to make it work, and set the tag manually. Go back to the visual screen and it is uppercase same size.

WTF. I am not a person with a great deal of patients, otherwise I would have been a doctor.

Anyone else having trouble with the latest version of WP? Any ideas on what I can do to get this to work right?

My All in One SEO isn't showing up to enter the meta stuff in either, even though it is activated. This version just seems to be working weird to me.
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    You define the look and feel of your H tags (and all other design aspects) in your theme's stylesheet.

    This article may help:

    How to Customise WordPress Appearance | WealthyDragon


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      I agree with Abledragon

      It might have something to do with the themes you are using, each theme will show the H tags differently and so it will show everything else different as well.

      I have had some minor issues with new version of wordpress, that's why I am never in a hurry to install new versions to my sites.
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    I just created the blog, so this is the one Fantastico gave me. I did not change the theme yet and wasn't sure I was going to. But now you guys said that, I think I will go with Thesis again.

    Edit: Seems to be working now I installed Thesis. Thanks folks.

    Tim Pears

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