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I am doing some research and would like to know what you guys and gals want in a Wordpress theme. I have been developing Wordpress themes for about 5 years. I coded Socratice, DealofDay, Worldvillage and numerous plugins.

I hope to launch the new theme within the next month, but I wanted your info.

What features would you like the most?
What plugins are missing?

It will be fully dynamic like Socrates and Metamorphosis
All the basic page templates, easy to change header, background and colors. Lots of widget area, multiple sidebars.

I'm more interested in what themes don't already offer.
Like, support form, faqs, paypal ipn built in. Yes I am going to include
a paypal ipn that stores your sales to the db.

So let the ideas fly, if your idea makes it into production I will give you
a review copy.
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    It would be great to have a theme that also included a membership area which could be either free or paid or even multiple levels of membership.
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    Add drip feed to that and youve got a winner.
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    Profitstheme has membership feature with drip.

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    Wish I could thank you twice Istvan.
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    I plan on doing the members area, the drip idea is a good one.

    I was sent a PM regarding this post. I can not respond to pm's yet. Please send me your email.

    I am a php developer and Wordpress Guru. I was the original coder of Socrates and Metamorphosis. Be on the look out for my NEXT Theme... hopefully you will find it launched as a WSO in the next month or so. Optin for Special Pricing

    Need some help with Wordpress? find me on fiverr

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    1) a mobile-optimized theme which parallels your desktop-optimized theme. (Don't worry, there's a great mobile device detector/switcher available, so you don't have to develop that).
    2) built in video player (JW Player or Flowplayer) so we get both Flash & HTML 5 support for our self-hosted (Amazon s3) videos.
    3) Custom menu support; custom post/page support.

    By the way, your optin form isn't working. Error message is displayed.
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    I like Themes with 'News / Magazine' Layout
    If you can, integrated plugins, so when installing themes blog owners no longer need to install the necessary plugins in features such themes.

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      Drip-feed and auto-backlinks are what I look for.
      Other than that, it all depends on the niche that I am entering.
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    Very tricky question. I suppose the perfect wordpress theme would allow for fine grain theme options (ie. width, jquery integration, seo optimized, html5/css3 but backwards compatible with older browsers, fluid design for portable media.)
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    I agree with ritchierich about the width option (on my widescreen laptop Wordpress sites get squished but on older computers the width is fullscreen?).

    Another idea, have an image window that can be easily enlarged or reduced in size on the homepage. This would be beneficial for my clients who have pixelated pictures but love the image window.
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    From my experience using Wordpress themes,i would love to find a new one if :
    -I can simply edits the width of theme (from theme option not stylesheet editor),also i can edit the widht of main column and sidebar individually(not automatically compensate from width of theme).
    -can easily edit layout e.g main column+right sidebar,main column+left sidebar,main column+right and left sidebar,main column+2 sidebar both on the right or both on the left with customize size,use/not use footer and other posibillity of layout.
    -can create membership site
    -Have built in stylish opt-in form and pop up opt-in,enable/disable opt-in on post/page
    -Smart ads placement ready (enable/disable)
    -Customize feature homepage,image or video.
    -Have 'WOW' effect on the colour and texture background.Much option on stylish colour(not just pick a colour) and texture.I mean attractive and entertaining background.Even we can customize background with image files but if the default is great,it would be very helpful.
    -automatic audio player when people open the site but audio player not display on theme,setting from dashboard.Customize and enable-disable.Feels like we watch the colossal movie with music opening when visiting the site.
    -Have developer license


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    clean and seo friendly theme like thesis. because thesis is quite expensive.
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    Thanks for usefull information. It's really true. i agree it. And i have just focus on HTML or CSS in word press. My purpose is that it can open in all web browsers yet in mobile browsers too.
    Best regards
    your unseeded friend.
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    Just a simple design, doesn't detract from the actual content of the webpage. to be specific, I prefer a webpage that has a flash banner(neat and not ungodly) above the actual content of the page.
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