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Please give me your feedback on following two landing pages.

1- morethanwebhosting . com

2- morethanwebhosting . com/noman/1/

i cant post the direct links yet for having not enough posts. Sorry for that.

Please compare which is better one. I will appreciate your review on both design and content of the pages.

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    Those are both excellent - very professional looking, Bravo! The only thing I'm not liking is with #2, the "Offer can expire any time, Act now". Maybe some different wording.

    Honesty, the best way to go about this is to split test both pages. Whichever site pulls the best results, use that one.

    I'll say it again, great work!
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    For the first LP I would make round corners, overall they both look great! Congrats.

    cool thing to have a sig

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      Thanks Guys,

      Its really encouraging for me that you liked my designs.

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        I found both a bit confusing. For example, in the second one you say "Don't be settled on a templated (shared) website". Using a template doesn't mean you are sharing a website.

        In the first ones you say something like - let the hosting companies compete for you. Compete in what? I think you mean, let the hosting companies compete for your business.

        I think you just need to read both through to check for grammar.
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          Thanks Rosetrees for your input. I will consider rewording the sentences you mentioned.
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    Checked out both sites they are both pretty good
    for the one with the vector design:
    • I'd up the quality of the graphic output and leave the drop shadow out.
    • Some english phrasing needs to be tweaked "Don't be settled on a template.." and a few others.
    • The red seal, I'm not sure about that too big, too red? maybe get rid of the shiny effect
    • also get rid of the white shading on the blue area.those effects along with the drop shadow on header aren't working with the vector style
    This site seems geared towards teenagers and women, at least that is my impression

    The one with the computer
    overall I prefer this one as far as confidence in the product.
    • I would removed the text from the laptop
    • move the "are you looking for.." text over so it doesn't sit on the image
    • get rid of the glossy thing on the submit button
    • clean up fonts a bit, to many going on with the verdana, arial and whatever is being used on the graphic
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    Still needs some work. On the second link, the header isnt going along the words.. there are typos etc.

    Even then, its great if its your first time..
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    Both are great looking site - I think the first is the better of the two. It's just more professional looking.
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    I like the designs
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    the first design caught my eye. it has a more 'professional look' to it. i'd suggest going with that one. good luck.
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      How are these made? Just in Photo shop etc?

      Are the actual pages just one big graphic, .jpg?


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    I prefer the first one, but it seems "busy" to me. Maybe you can remove the bullets from the header?


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    I like them both, the second one is a happier look and stands out more. The first one looks more like everyother company. Probably the second one because it's a different look. But maybe the purpose of the site needs to be more prominent because the look is different.
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    The first one is good
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    I like them both, but the 2nd is way cooler, has the web2.0 look. Well done.
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  • I like the 1st one the best! Very profesional looking. The second one just doesn't look to be truthful. I would go with the first one, but that's just my opinion. Great job!
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    Use of words aside, I would go the the 2nd template ( because it's simpler. When I first landed on the first one, there were bullets everywhere - side and bottom so I didn't know where to look.

    The 2nd template however is arranged and in order so in the first 3 seconds, I knew that you were offering free website design.

    My 2 cents :-)
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    the 1st page is better as it got more information. you are listing lots of features but not benefits.

    e.g of benefits: how your website can sell better, increase sales by 10%, FREE 1 page website design etc....

    the point is you need to differentiate yourself from others and give your visitors a reason for them to choose you.
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    I love the first design. Its a nice design and very professional but you have to work more on second design. All the best.
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    You got my vote for the first one too .. Good luck
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