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I uploaded a mini site(squeeze and ty-page) through filezilla and when I open up the site only the text appears without images. The file is .htm and I'm using a mac. I resaved it as .html and that didn't work. Can anyone suggest what I can do to fix it? thanks
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    does it show a broken link icon or anything where the images are suppose to be, its possibly not locating the file if this is the case.. that or it could be the css isnt being located either, theyre your most likely 2 answers...

    would speed things up if you can post the link to the site
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    It does not matter whether you are viewing it on a mac or a regular pc. Since you have already uploaded the site to a your web server. In all probability you will have to check your linking in respect the web server.

    Try putting / to represent the root of your website for linking purposes for images. I am sure it will work.
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    If you could post the URL that would be great so we can help you better
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      Did you forget to upload the images along with the html file? And also make sure the folder structure/path is congruent with the image path given in the html code.
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    Clear ur cache and u must note this thing thatb the folder images should also be uploaded from your FTP filezilla and all the images are well hyperlinked along with your text and your mac should fully support FTP.
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    Make sure you are linking the image location properly within your markups.
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