W3 Total Cache Plugin vs WP Super Cache. Which Is Better?

by dazkat
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Hey Guys
I'm looking to further improve the speed of my sites and have been looking at a cache plugin. Wanted to hear your thoughts on what you like and don't like about W3 Total Cache Plugin & WP Super Cache and what you think is better.

Or if you have tried out any other cache plugins that I should check out, let me know.

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    Just had this problem and spent 3 hours with hostgator fixing all my sites I would say 100% go with "WP Super Cache"

    please be sure that you are setting it up using mod_rewrite settings as described in article, WP Super Cache Plugin « HostGator.com Support Portal
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    Have you checked out Quick Cache?

    WordPress › Quick Cache ( Speed Without Compromise ) « WordPress Plugins

    We've seen several large-scale sites that run lots of plugins (30+) choke with some of the other caching plugins, but as of yet have not seen Quick Cache suffer from conflicts with other plugins.
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    From what I have heard it is a good idea to contact support and ask your host which of these plug-ins is best. It may differ from host to host.
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      Originally Posted by doshmachine View Post

      From what I have heard it is a good idea to contact support and ask your host which of these plug-ins is best. It may differ from host to host.
      Great advice. Your host may already provide a solution that's better than any one of these plugins, especially since plugins of any type can slow down a blog.

      So see if you can implement gzip compression first. Then ask about 4G Hosting. As far as I understand, GoDaddy is automatically upgrading all of its customers to the 4GH platform at no cost, and that will tremendously speed up a WordPress blog.
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    From my experience, WP Super Cache is the best. It works fine to many hosting companies especially on hostgator. It's easy to use mate.
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    Thanks for the posts. My current host is Just Host so I might look at testing both super cache and quick cache to see what works better for me.
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    W3 Total Cache is best but you have to configure it correctly. It'll help you to increase your site. It provides a lot of options.
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    I use both. W3 Total Cache for the most, but not for minify JC I think. Followed a guide, so not sure what I use which one for .

    Hyper Cache is doing what I don't let Total Cache do, and then I apparently got a WP-Minify too. Quite a bunch, but I'm quite steady at 3 seconds first time view and 2 second review load time. According to WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test testing from London, using IE8.
    I'm happy about it.

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  • Profile picture of the author dazkat
    I'm testing Quick Cache at the moment and I've got to say - I'm impressed! Very simple to use which I like.
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