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Does Gravity Forms developer package show who/what computer downloads the plug-in and install it on Wordpress?

Basically I have a Gravity Forms login from work and would like to download it to my personal websites, anyone know if their is tracking of where the Plug-in is downloaded?
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    makeaplan - please don't comment spam

    Does anyone have a Gravity Forms account and know if there is email notifications/a list of websites that your plug in is installed on?

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    I don't know about the phone home, but Gravity Forms is licensed under the GPL (WordPress plugins should be) and so you can put it on another site if you want to:
    Terms and Conditions - Gravity Forms 1.5

    Basically their "license" when you checkout asks that you pretty please only use it on one site. So I suppose it might be more honorable to pay up, but technically/legally you don't have to.

    They have a stronger stance if you try to use their support for more than one domain/etc without their developer plan.

    Hope this helps.
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      Gravity form*


      I consider to buy and have question regard user registration adon*
      As I don't see Any proper explanation how to ... Apart from you claim that it can replace the regular wp reg

      Can user be prompt with registration in order continue with others form*

      Can users *generate new password *in case of forget Etc

      I am asking this because good friend was trying to resolve this issue after perches only to fund out that it's not pesbole*

      *The exact answer from GF *was*

      Hello ........

      "The Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On does not do login or password reminder functionality. *It is strictly for creating user registration forms and it can only create new users. *It does not update existing users and it does not have login or password reminder functionality. *It's only for creating registration forms."

      It look like it doesn't match to your claim of*

      " Use Gravity Forms to create advanced user registration forms that replace the simple WordPress registration form."

      Can someone be mor transparent or make video about how to use this *advanced user registration to replace the "simple one"
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