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I am pretty new and ignorant in all these matters! I have a little wordpress site which is doing ok ranking for its keywords.

Unfortunately my webhost didn't see annual paypal reg payment and took the site off and replaced it with a crappy little site targeted at the financial/credit market.

They put it straight back when we resolved the issue but when it appears in Google search for keyword " ABCD for kids " it is still giving the description of the temporary credit site. Everything about the site is back to normal except that! It did disappear from page one for a VERY short time but then came straight back.

I have been patient for a week as I know that Google can take a while, but I wondered if I should do something to help it change back. (I have checked the entire site and from what I can see everything is identical to before - but not only am I a beginner, I am also blonde!)

Thank you in anticipation :confused:

PS - bing and yahoo give it the proper description. it is just Google that is wrong.
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    If Google have not re-indexed the pages then it will show the old description. I would assume you will have to wait on them.
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    Brendanm is exactly right. However, I wouldn't FREAK out about it. Google is very smart now. If you are worried about ranking for keywords, the meta description is a very SMALL factor when it comes to that. Just give them sometime to reindex it. Also, have you built a XML sitemap for your site? If not, that will help speed up the process
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    Use Google XML Sitemaps plugin if you're using Wordpress and let it generate the sitemap and upload it to Google for you! It works like a charm.

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    I agree that you probably have to wait. Using a plugin to generate a sitemap is a good idea. Signing up for Google Webmaster Tools for the site and using their debug tools there is a good way to lure Google into indexing your site a little sooner.
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    resubmit ur site to google might fix and re-index faster than using plugins. just my two cents.
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    It is also true that lately Google seems to be putting in the meta description whatever they damn well please no matter what you specify.
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    Wait for Google to reindex your website you'll see your meta description on SERP once it done.
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    Be patient and wait, google is taking a bit longer time to index it. But it trust they will fix it.
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    My suggestion is Wait,
    You should wait as Google update their algorithm 3rd time in year.
    and now you should wait for re-indexing of your site.
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      my suggestion is wait for google to re-index your website. how long is the wait?only google can tell...
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    If you haven't done so, I would sign up for a Google webmaster account. You'll be able to not only upload your sitemap there, but you can also tell if there are any errors or problems with it, adjust how often you update the page, see when Google last looked at it, and a ton of other stuff that you can see for yourself rather than me writing it here. Even with all of this, you'll need to be patient, because it is a fact that the changes usually take time to change, but they will.

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