How to increase size of a photograph from 10KB to 20KB?

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My question is telling everything. I have an image which has the size 11.6 KB currently but i want to increase its size form 11.6 KB to in between 20KB-30KB.
Someone told me to increase the pixels it will increase the size but i tried it in Microsoft Picture Manager and re size it but still the size is 11.6 KB...

Will somebody please help me how i increase it??
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    Why do you want to increase its size like that? Usually, you want to make images as small as possible with the least amount of reduction in quality. Why would you want to do the reverse?

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  • Yes you are right.... But actually the problem is that i have to fulfill a form and in that i have to upload my scanned photograph... For that i scanned my photo from market and saved it but after saving i saw that the size was 11.6 KB only... Now i want to increase it but how i don't know??

    I have to large the size of 12 there any solution?

    Feel free to contact with me @

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    If you mean the actual size I use gimp and use the scale image feature. You can download Gimp for free. Open up your photo inside there and use the Image tab, select scale image and change the dimensions to whatever you like.
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    I would use Photoshop, but if you never used it before it is probably massive overkill, but once you learnt to use it very powerful graphic software
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    I use free program called irfanview. You can modify your images easily with it in any way you like.
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    I recommend Photoshop as well. Go into image then image size. You can resize the photo here. You can also play around with the resolution from Low to Maximum when saving for the web. When you change the resolution to save at, the file size changes, you can see this in the lower left corner of the screen.

    Best of luck.
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    Yup. Photoshop would do the trick. You ca make it as a smart object so you will not loose the image quality while scaling.
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    I always use a freeware called Irfan view io would also recommend you to do the same.Its free easy to use.
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    Open your selected image with photoshop, and save as new one, then you'll get a popup menu to increase its quality, select max.. thats enough.. best of luck bro..
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