How can I do this on Wordpress?

by bella5
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Hi WF,

I have a question about managing content in Wordpress. I think what I am after is possibly a CMS for individual pages...

The page I'm working on is this Sales | The Fashion Guide. I've set this page up by using divs and floating them left and right, when I need to add a new item on the page I just copy the code for an existing one, so I copy the div and everything between the div tags and just replace the text and image. It really is a pain to manage this way by directly editing the code each time. Is there a way to set up like a CMS for the individual page where I have fields that I can fill in the information and it automatically creates the code? The WYSIWYG editor is hopeless when using it with all these different DIVS.

I might be right off the mark with what I need to easily manage the page but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction with a plugin or something?

Thanks so much.
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    Are the items you're listing blog posts (or could you make them)?

    If so, what you could do it put your divs and other CSS styling around the PHP code for the WordPress Loop in your templates. Does this make sense?
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    You could simplify things by using shortcodes. Your link uses 2 columns, so could be very easily done.

    eg: [column]content[/column][column_last]content[/column_last]
    The exact shortcode would depend on the plugin you use(I'm assuming you don't want to create your own)

    WP Easy Columns gets great reviews and is free, you could use it, if you are only interested in columns: WordPress › WP Easy Columns « WordPress Plugins

    If you need, or could use other shortcodes, eg content boxes, buttons, tabs, sliders etc, you might want to try Shortcodes Ultimate: WordPress › Shortcodes Ultimate « WordPress Plugins

    Most shortcodes plugins will add a button to the editor, making it easy to enter the needed tags. Search and find one you like.

    Hope this helps.
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      Thanks for the replies

      MSU - totally makes sense but I have no clue when it comes to PHP

      stormwebent - awesome, I'll give those plugins a try. It seems like the simple kind of solution I need (and can implement myself)
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