Please review my website, created for webmasters, based on Alexa

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I was thinking for a while to use Alexa ranks table and create some useful tools for myself. When I did, I realized that it can be useful for others too. The design is done intentionally very simple, without single graphical element. Some would say the website is for geeks only. I don't know, maybe. However this simple web site based on a robust back-end consisting of MySQL DB with about 100 tables and 7 cronjobs. The website is fully automated, it updates by itself with fresh data every day. The website is a combination of 3 tools:

1. Shows Alexa rank changes or traffic changes for different periods of time. For example: 101 0 0 8 means that is gaining traffic during last quarter

2. Searching keywords in top ~2 million domain names. You can use this tool during the search for your new domain name or for researching the internet. For example, the keyword ".ky" will bring all domains names registered in Cayman Islands

3. Search by category in top 1000 websites. Did you ever wonder who are most popular (successful) dating sites, SEO sites etc. This tool will help you to do just that. However keep in mind that this is still work in progress.

Here is the address:

Thanks for reading. Please give your opinion, your feedback your recommendations to make this website more appealing and more useful.
Thank you.
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    I visited your website, i like the things made simple; you could try make it valid html.
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      Originally Posted by CoursesWeb View Post

      I visited your website, i like the things made simple; you could try make it valid html.
      "you could try make it valid html."
      I don't have a clue what do you mean by this? BTW thanks for reply
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    Looks very simple.. But I like your light & unique style.. Nice..
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    it looks very very simple , I liked its colors .
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    i visited your website that's cool, the topic to the point and detail i like it but that's design so un believeable so simple..

    how to make alexa like that, sir??
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    Thanks for your comments guys,
    1. I know, that I'm not a graphic designer and I didn't want to hire one. So instead of making amateur, tasteless pictures I've decided to go exclusively with CSS and HTML.
    2. I consider Internet more like a source of information and less like an art gallery.
    3. My motto is - unnecessary information is worse than disinformation
    4. I've created a site that I like - clear from nonsense and to the point. You don't have to spend hours to understand what it is about.

    One last point.

    There are 1000s of websites, mostly blogs who collect, catalog and share the information about best sites on specific topic, like "classifieds" for example. The main criteria of the site's value used on those websites is the traffic they get, hence the Alexa rank. The information in those websites become obsolete very fast because of Alexa rank changes. On - "categories(3)" accumulate all this information in one page and it is always up to date.

    Thanks again, please give me some more feedback.
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    Very simple but still effective and a good choice of colors
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