Need Help Designing 2 Different Sites.

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I am having a hard time trying to learn how to do this. I want two different sites. One of them looks extremely simple but I don't know how to use CSS. The other one is an Optimize Press site and again I don't know how to use CSS or do anything else for that matter with Optimize Press.

The two sites are Body by Vi *(this one is the optimize press site.)
The second one is It was NEVER A SECRET, WE ARE THE CHALLENGE!!! 113,000 said YES last month and over 33 people a day earn Brand New BMWs, ARE YOU NEXT?

I'm wondering if anybody could tell me how to do this or possibly refer me to someone. I know that these are simple to do but I personally can't figure out how to do it.

Can anybody help?

And those sites do not belong to me so I am not spamming if you thought this might be some sublime attempt at spam.

I just want my site to look like either one of those.
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    The first one "Body by Vi" is having good layout and CSS is almost ok. But I think the second "It was NEVER A SECRET..." having layout related issue.. If you hire some of the professional then he/she may design & develop better than these sites.

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    I refer my friend dhiera name, if you want.
    Please add him on Yahoo messenger with id mf_live
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