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I am building a website on a subject which will have six / seven sub-subjects. The information under each sub-subject will be mostly static. I will keep on adding more information under each sub-subjects, which will not be very frequent.
With my limited knowledge (I am new & have just started), building up a site with menus with drop down sub-menus in horizontal bar under the header will be appropriate instead of using categories.
The theme which I am using is twenty eleven (basic) on wp. It came as preinstalled when I downloaded WP from Hostgator. This theme supports one menu only. I am also thinking of having a front home page as a master page which will have all the information which I add under each sub-subjects.
I request seasoned warriors to advise me on the following two queries:
Firstly, what I am thinking is right or if in their view there is a better option.
Secondly, which theme they recommend. As I am short of funds, I will prefer a freely available theme for my first site. For my subsequent sites when I am more experienced, I will go for a paid theme.


P.S. (i) My aim is to monetize my site with various options. (ii) If adding of more menus (5 to 6) is possible on twenty eleven, I will prefer to continue with twenty eleven
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    Not sure if I entirely understood what you are planning to do... but it is possible to add more than one menu with Twenty Eleven (called Custom Menu). Those custom menus can be added to the theme's widget areas.
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    I do not understand what goals you want from the future where you can find out which one is best for you.
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