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i created this website with the purpose of hosting but as i now know hosting servers is a very complex job so ive decided to do some advertising for now to raise enough money to purchase the required material to accomplish such a feat if you whould like to support us check out
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    maybe i suggest you give you descript about product your website & your navigation is unique..
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    You website is still under construction and your navigation is proper at it seems to be preety simple. And i think you have created it through a CMS site...
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    :O. You really need to invest into a site being designed and built for you before going ahead and opening your company up.

    I normally leave suggestions on how to improve your site..but this is a hosting company and if you want to succeed then it all really needs to be redone.

    I hate to be the bad news baron on the web design forums, but I really believe in turn I am helping others out if they actually take my suggestions.

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    I do not love the design at all and I cannot even understand what's it about. My verdic is that you need a web designer and a SEO. Stuffing the page with all those pop-up ads does not help earn money it rather scares people off and irritates your visitors.
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    This is very nice website.
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    Very good and nice
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    Personally I don't like .
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    Looks good
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    Overall looks good, the floating bar for sharing to facebook and Tweets is appearing in the center of the page and needs to be adjusted to the side of otherwise it is quite distracting. Good work
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    Overall nice.

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