Please give me some good ides on my site

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This is my website: dazfurniture.COM
Do you have any idea on it?
I think is title and url in every pages is not perfect? please give me some good idear
Thank you all VERY MUCH
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    I like your online store with nich Furniture, good luck!
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    the overall design of the site is not bad, but the CSS seems to be messed up in some places
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    Nice but i would suggest to change the background.
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    Site is looking good.But i suggest you can change your site into Unique look.bcoz unique sites has unique clients
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    Nothing special design here but like your photographs obviously, contents are good also.
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    Nice site.
    But pls don't use so much color. Usually pro designer use just 3 colors, i mean for example: choose black white and blue and use just this color.
    If u want make your site more colorful use dark gray, light blue, off white but don't add other colors like YELLOW.
    And never mix red and yellow. It's difficult for eyes ))))
    Hope it help you a little bit )

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    Overall design is not too bad however I agree with DanielDuffo the yellow and red does not work well and makes the site look tacky compared to the classy design of the furniture. Good luck
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      The overall structure looks good...just the yellow color is not fitting....change it to some other color if you could...
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    The page is slow to load. This would affect the Google ranking on the SERPs.
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    I think your site is best in my knowledge.
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    Really good one, because you set this up use HTML, so the link is good enough for SEO purpose, and the internal link is good.
    For design you must consider about what did the 3 member above me said that, tha yellow and red colour is not match friends, you need to change it into another colour that more catchy and eye friendly.
    Maybe you want to check out my job use html to design this website
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    That's local niche website, with major colour in grey and white, need help, just contact me via PM or email.
    Oh yes, I am web designer and internet marketer : )
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