What's missing on our website?

by dinnap
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We are about to finish our website and need some feedback on it.
Din Naprapat og Helseklinikk is a health clinic for problems in muscles and joints. Physiotherapy and Chiropractic threatment.
Don't mind the missing logo on the top

Thanks to all who participates!
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    Nice design, need full site in English language too.
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    Out of the corner of my eye, the inset of Norway at the lower right almost looked like a spinal column. Maybe you can do something to play with the similarity of those shapes?

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    Hello Dinnap.

    I like the design, clean and fresh, my favourite.

    One thing I would suggest is bringing the black part of the footer down a tone or 2. It looks odd surrounded by light colours: Try #333333 or #666666

    Good luck
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    Sorry, not in English so I don't know what your website is about.
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    I agree with BlackWar, nice and stylish design, however full English site is needed.
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    Ow, then its OK, but international language helps to get reviews.
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    English would help.
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    As everyone suggested, you also need to have your site in English. Other than that it looks good the design is very clean and appealing to visitors. Good luck with your site!
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    A nice logo help give the site a bit of personality. Other than that it looks great.
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    Your scrolling banner need more design I think. The small image needs to be better intergrated with the text. Maybe a bit larger and change the placement. With the site not being in English I have no idea what the site is about, so maybe some relevant images could be included. Im not sure where. Rest of the design look clean.
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    Quality and original content, I would say

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  • Replace the default Joomla FavIcon too...
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