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ok so few days ago i asked here on wf how can i get some startup money for my projects and you give me good replys. and now i finnaly took action and today i was pretty much working on my website where i offer my graphic design service (i like doing graphics and im good at that). so i would like to ask you on wf what you think abot it

website Sidls - Professional graphics for low price!
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    Your website will need to have much better graphics on it to have a impact on potential customers.

    Your portfolio is amazing. Why can't you create banners/headers/images etc, on your website like those in your portfolio?

    Not bad for a start up website though
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    I agree with Nathan, your portfolio doesn't really match up with the designs on your website so that might turn some people off. Good luck.
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    thats very good from you @Nathan and EdFarias, is there anything else beside what you named that you dont really like?
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    -I think your testimonial section is empty... If you don't have any yet best to take down the headline until you do

    -try to give more negative space between design samples.

    -you say that all your headers, banners and logos are hand drawn... I think of hand drawn as something you do with paper and pencils or charcoal...Shake it up: custom designed, crafted to meet your needs... (are you supplying the photos as well? You might want to mention that)

    -contact us "If you have any questions or would like to contact us for any reason use following contact methods:" then you just give an email address... Maybe 'please email our team (or me) if you have any additional question at email@ddress
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    I think you should work more on the header of your site. Your portfolio showing some great creation and I think you should do some thing for your own site. A professional site may increase your revenue 2 or 3 times than previous.
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    I had a look at your site. In the contact site, you should also put a contact form. This might look even better. And if anyone wants to give suggestions they can also give to you.
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    You also might consider showing some of your work on the pages for each purchase. So on the banner purchase page, show some of the banners you have done, same goes for logos and headers.
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    ok thanks for everyone commenting on my website i have updated it now.
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    I like the site, and the portfolio is pretty amazing. I'm not a graphics designer, so my two cents may be a bit shabby, but I think the elegance that radiates from the portfolio is completely thrown off by the website design. It just feels too... Simple?

    I don't know. I would revamp the whole homepage to look better-geared towards the audience. But, again, just my two cents - may be a dollar short.
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    The bevelling in the text used for the buttons under "Our Services" at the bottom of the front page is feeling really dated. You have some much nicer examples of text styling in your portfolio -- why don't you give the same treatment to the text elements for your website's design?

    I'm not feeling very good about the red text you're using for headers in the Portfolio page either.

    You need to give each of your portfolio items some room to breath. Try spacing them out a little so our eyes don't glaze over all over it.
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    I am newbie about web design but I like your site
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    It is a beautiful site you have made dude,
    I also suggest you to develop your header
    But you have already done a good job yet.
    go on.
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    hmm. good work but it needs more attraction. I recommend you to re-design it or if you can't, just hire someone to design it for you.
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    Here's my honest C&C:

    The overall "feel" to the website is nice, it's clean and fresh and layed out in a clean and stylish way. - The only problem with the layout is the header, it is overlapped with the "Graphics - Very important aspect of every business" over the top of it which cuts off and blocks some of the text in the header.

    I would recommend changing the font in the graphics also to something more crisp, and I noticed something came up about a "Runescape Wiki" (I don't know whats thats about).

    Overall - you've made a good effort, and the overall layout is beautiful all bar a few minor issues which need to be tweaked.

    That's my honest opinion,
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    Your site don't look professional at all you need to redesign your site get a professional designer. (plise don't mind i am just suggesting my opinion)
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    can you plise define prffesional? because its simple and i really like it, i will do some more work on it but i like it,
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    Hi There SolidDigital.

    What people are trying to tell you is the site looks poor, not your work, for some one offering graphic design your site lacks in this area.

    It might look good to you, but to us visitors it lacks in design, i agree its simple,but too simple and plain, you need a professional web designer to create your site and you create the graphics.

    Sorry to say this but the header text is awful and so far out of date , and the header lacks the port-rial of a graphic design site.

    Take a look at some other sites that you will have to compete against for customers, is yours up to their standards ?...

    I would re think the look and feel of the site. Did you draft out the site before putting it together?.

    No contact form on the contact page.. bad design from my point of view,quote from your site " Get a custom made header for only $17. Each header is hand drawn, we don't use any premade banners or templates. You own 100% copyrights of the header. It's original and it's yours!"

    Hmm, there's images of famous people and models in the headers ( hand drawn )not so sure.
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    hey , dude i like your site . but i think you can still customize it. the purpose is for the visitor feels want to look around at your site more longer.
    but i hope , you get success with that .
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