Separate WP install on each subdomain ?

by rjay
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If I had one generic domain, say (not mine ! just an example) and I wanted to have,, etc. with separate Wordpress posts/plugins/theme on each subdomain, is that what Wordpress Multisite is for ?

Does this harm SEO at all ? Is there any benefit in having rather than ?
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    first of all I must mention that is a subdomain on the domain So according to SEO point of view, domains are preferred then subdomain.

    And you can install wordpress on each subdomains seperately. There is no problem in this.
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    Ok thanks. But would I want to install on each subdomain rather than use Multisite ? Isn't that the benefit of Multisite ? Or is Multisite for multiple domains rather than multiple subdomains ?
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    WPMU is better to use, It allow you complete control on your domain i.e to create sub domains or adding additional domains within your master domain (i,e first/master domain).
    I don't recommend it for week security reasons.
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    you can use multisite feature along with the wordpress MU plugin for this.
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    I think it is better to create sub-directories of the main domain then setup Wordpress in each.

    The sub-directories would be like,, etc.

    The search engines treat a sub-directory as an extension of the main domain and any search engine ranking that the main domain has acquired is shared with the sub-directories.

    Subdomains are treated as unique domains and have no relation to the main domain where SEO is concerned.
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    WPMU is the best choice, 1 wp for all your subdomains.
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    For the "experts" out there:

    there is no WPMU anymore (for about 2 years) - since WP version 3.0 the 'simple' WordPress script and the WPMU have been merged and the MS (MultiSite) feature is built-in into every WP package you download.

    And to answer the OP's question: YES, the WP MultiSite is exactly for situations described in your first question - you can create multiple blogs either on subdomains or in subfolders. Decide which way you want to go BEFORE doing it; you can not switch from one solution to the other after setting it up.

    You can safely disregard the useless posts by situ08, rawalbaig, pinterest01...

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    To have a different blog in each subdomain you have, you just need to install WordPress once on your root domain, and enable the multisite feature (as mentioned above). There's no need to install WP on each subdomain.

    Here's how:

    Step #1: Open the 'wp-config.php' using cPanel's File Manager, and add this line at the top:

    PHP Code:
    Then save and close the file.

    Step #2: Enable your host to use a wild card subdomains. You need to have edit the apache settings. Just simply contact the host admin to enable wildcard subdomains. (hint: enabling wildcard subdomains will allow you to create new blog on subdomain via WP, dinamically!)

    Step #3: Login to your WP Admin Dashboard, and look for the new menu called "Network" (it's under the "Tools"), and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the multisite installation.
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    As the others have said, I'd go with Multisite. If you have favorite plugins, just make sure they are compatible. If one of your subdomains needs a particular plugin not Multisite compatible, then you might have to do a separate install for that subdomain.
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    Yes thats the reason Wordress Mu was developed and I guess will not harm the SEO.
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