New Website Red Flagged by google, some advice here please.

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Hi guys,

I have an issue here that is not very pleasant to speak about but true basically i have hired WF Webdesigner to create me a new website and after receiving it, my antivirus detected some threat trojans, malware... i have contacted the hosting company to check if there was a virus or a false positive, because many times are false positives. The Hosting company did not find any virus and i believed it was a false positive, until yesterday Google emailed me telling me that my site was Red flagged as a malware website, because the code of one the website pages have a supposed malicious code. I have also contacted my webdesigner to try to solve this out, by now i dont have reply from him yet, so i will wait a couple of days to see his position about this issue. Have in mind we are not talking about a cheap of a few bucks website, it was expensive to say the least. but i dont want to speak about prices because that is not the point here.

What i really want to know from you guys who had suffered from this issues if there is any good warrior or company to solve this kinds of issues in case my WD can´t handle it.

I was searcbing for awhile and found this company that i don´t know if its good or not:

Sucuri Security

basically they scan the malware and remove the code onsite (with login credentials).

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    Hi Morg,

    In the first instance I'd go back to your web designer explaining the issue.

    It would take them up to an hour of their time to check for any issues.

    I posted a similar response on how to find any issues on another WF thread:

    If you are unable to resolve the issue with your designer, then I'd suggest checking out the Warriors for Hire section:
    Warriors For Hire

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    Talk to your web hosting company. They should be able to revert your website to pre-infection state. If you have a back-up of clean site, you can fix it yourself by deleting the entire site and then adding the old one.
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      Since the site is new, this was the first version of the site that i believe the code was on it.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Designer probably used pirated theme.
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    Tell the develop to check for suspicious codes. There is a good chance that he may have used Pirated themes. If not then contact google about this.

    If nothing helps then drop the existing design and start from zero. And wait to see if google forgives your site.
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    easy... are there any popups? any unusuall link?
    if yes... u might got some pirated theme, but it's so easy to track, i've been doing a lot because of some of my client using super cheap rate from some wordpress designer.
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    Bad web designer is bad.

    If the web designer built the website, it would take less than 5 minutes to detect a virus.

    Not to mention if it was a pirated template, the designer would have to download it in order to edit it as per your requirements. Either the designer doesn't have an anti-virus, the designer uploaded the virus on purpose and/or your website was hacked.

    In all 3 cases, bad web designer is bad.
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      Hi guys,
      sorry for not replying to all your advices, support and ideas but i have been busy dealing with many projects i have right now.

      Going to the point, tried to contact the webdesigner but did not receive any reply, so to me was the first and last project with him. Probably i will post my experience in his WSO here at WF since its live.

      I believe the theme should be pirated since at first my anti-virus detected a virus when the site come to live, but i believe it was a false positve and also contacted the hosting and they also did not find any threat, so the false positive was what i believe to be the outcame .... but i was so wrong.

      Basically i hired a professional Team called Sucuri ( to solve my issue and basically they monitor my site for the malicous coding for 1 entire year and also removed all the malicious code onsite, my experience was very good, i have paid the service 15 minutes afterwards they were with their hands on the stuff and after half an hour my website was completely clean, they also offered me a wordpress plugin to also monitor the wordpress threats. About 4-5 hours afterwards my tag has been removed from Google. So it was a premium service client focused.

      I´m sad that WF has some lousy members that can reduce the high quality of this forum.

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    Always get a reliable contractor. Cheap = Low Quality
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    Skype: cim-sam
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      The contractor could be anything EXCEPT CHEAP for the WF standards was quite Expensive.

      Originally Posted by samsharen View Post

      Always get a reliable contractor. Cheap = Low Quality
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