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I set up my google analytics account using two separate accounts, one for my website and one for my blog. They have separate UA #s. My google rankings have dropped significantly and I am wondering if I am being indexed as two separate websites when really the second is just a subdirectory. They are set up as.

Sorry, it won't let me enter the links unless I have 15 posts. So basically it would be w w w my fullname dot com and w w w my fullname dot com slash blog. Is there a way to get google to recognize these domains as one domain so that all hits will count toward one website? Not sure if I am being clear on this as I am not so well versed in this area. I am hoping someone can help me to figure out if this is the case and what can I do to make it better. Thanks so much!
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    So.. You want two domain names to be recognized as one? Right... I think you're best uninstalling the blog and reinstalling it as Just my two cents.

    I don't think they'd impact your rankings, though. Even still, Google Analytics has no impact on your search rankings. It just shows you your traffic. If we were talking about Google Webmasters Tools, that'd make a bit more sense. Could it have been because of the Google Panda update? How old are the websites? PR? Quality backlinks?

    I think you should just move the blog to /blog so you can get better rankings for both instead of having two sites to get popularized.
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      Thank you for the reply. I appreciate your help. That is how I have it set up now. Mysite and mysite/blog. The blog is wordpress and I update it regularly. I am a photographer and my main site is flash so it's important that the blog carry text for google to crawl. I also have a lot of text on my splash page. I know splash pages are a bit passe, but I've always had one and need to have it for google since my flash site is heavy on images and not so heavy on text. I do have html mirror site as well as one for mobile devices, but I don't know if google is crawling those?

      My problem is that in analytics I have two separate UA codes. If that has no impact on rankings then I suppose I am okay. I was just trying to figure out why my rankings had dropped. When I do a search with my keywords, I was one of the top 3 results for years and this past year my site is now dropping. Instead of picking up my home page for my site or blog, google is indexing individual blog posts. Is that unusual? Does it make a difference in overall ranking?
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        I believe Google is now valuing flash a bit lower than regular webpages. Panda has made things a bit - according to Wikipedia, "This change reportedly affected the rankings of almost 12 percent of all search results."

        I am positive that the UA codes have no impact on your rankings. It's moreover the fact that it is on a subdomain. I'd change it if possible. Since the blog is - from what I am understanding - already established, it's best to just leave it be. It's really about what people are searching for. If they find you, that's great. It doesn't really matter how.
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    I don't think that your blog ranking down because of google analytics. I think there was some problem. You should check blog carefully.
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    You have been correctly informed that Google Analytics has no impact on your search rankings. If you want to consolidate your analytics account, you can move online properties in one account to another. Please check Google's help segment for details.
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    G Analitycal has nothing to do with ur page rank... it's only showing you the traffic that came in and out to ur website, that's all.

    about you setup it on different account, i guess it also has nothing to do with it.
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    I dont think the two will affect your page rank. For that you need to stick to the basics of content, keyword density and backlinks.
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