Can not find my forms "contact us" text so I can change it.

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I've looked through ALL of my css files, I'm trying to change the "contact us" text on this WP page:

Checked the main index.php, page.php, css.php, I checked every single one.

Does anyone know where I can change that text?
Also, I've also been trying to change the padding so my top image can come up a little bit higher. I've changed so many different padding settings in the css style.php but can't seem to find it the right one.

I need my text & image on the home page to come up and to the left, so
its tighter and comes out to the left edge of the banner. Then I can make the image a little
bigger too.

If anyone can help me with this I've wasted tons of hours going through the css and am not getting lucky.

Thanks! - Red
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    Hey Red, first, you should install Firebug extension if you're using Firefox. It will make your life easier when editing css code.

    For your "contact us" text, i see 2 places there. If you want to change the one on the main tab, you can change the page title. For the second one go to Widget section and remove the title there.

    Hope helps!
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    OMG I feel like such an idiot right now. I must have looked at the widget about 40 times and for some reason kept missing the text all the way at the top that says "contact us". So afterwards I completely ignored the widget area and kept thinking it was in the css.

    You really just made my day THANK YOU!!!! So much easier than I initially thought. =]

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    i can second firebug, or use chrome/safari >rightclick >inspect element
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