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I have a toshiba computer from yesteryear, (about 2008)...its still kicking so I'm still using it. I have an android phone and a panasonic camera from about 2007. I want to be able to do some simple video editing...adding captions, etc....something a tad bit better than the windows movie maker which is crap. The panasonic records in .mov format. I hope to have a new HD camera within the next few months and then I'll upgrade to something better or perhaps it will have some editing software. Not sure. The vid stuff I want to do now is not too important so it doesn't matter. I have a guy that does good editing but I don't want to trouble him with my little stuff and frankly he's hard to reach/coordinate with. I thought I would ask in this forum because you guys are more computer savvy. Any ideas let me know. Thanks
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