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Any Appreciation will be highly accepted...thnx
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    The site looks simple and good. But you could add some animation or color transaction on the pull down menu. And a very minor thing, I didn't like the Twitter Goodies color.
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    Nice Technology related website .
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    Beautiful site design and pretty much informative also.
    those images you use on your site are awesome.
    good job. keep it up.
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    I like it!
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    looks great. loads a little slow but that would be my only criticism


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    If a visitor uses adblock, you just have a huge white space there. Try to have it collapse if the use had adblock installed to get rid of the white space.
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    your website is good^_^
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    looks nice. I don't like the twitter module as well
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  • Not bad! Not Bad...very clean & simple.
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    You should rearrange the height of the title and maybe the navigation bar.
    To get them either in the blue or grey area!
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    Hey, cool site!

    I like the clean design of it. One quick thing though, for some reason the Twitter widget you have on the page is loading out of place for me. Kind of weird.
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    I went into your site and had to wait more than 10 secs to get in. Google is now looking at how fast it takes users to get into sites under the new changes. Big G is now looking at user experience and how long they stay on your site. I'm not sure if it's my laptop but please check with fellow warriors.

    Having a good image header would compliment the site, otherwise it's a very cool site
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    nice very nice websites )!

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  • Simple and Cool site. Wish you good luck with it.
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    Your site also informative. But you used common menu bar.
    I think if you use uncommon menu bar I hope it will be more beautiful.
    Please don't mind. Best of luck.
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    Nice effort dude.keep it up.
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    When the Home page came up I had no idea what this site was for. Maybe it's just limited to technical people who would find it interesting. I didn't care to look at it further to find out anything more. But, as I said, maybe it's a site geared to a specific readership.
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    Load times from the UK are not great, but overall a nice site.
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