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I don't get it

Why is text in UTF-8 format pasted into ms word full of spelling errors. Then if i hit return and manually re type that line i get no errors.

Can UTF-8 format be converted to plain text
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    Just google'd a converter, don't know how accurate they are, but here's the result that seems like the best:
    Online charset/Codepage conversion
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    hei... same question is mine. What does UTF-8 mean actually??!!

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    Can any one explain what UTF-8 is actually?

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      Originally Posted by taha83 View Post

      Can any one explain what UTF-8 is actually?
      It as simple as clicking on this link Why did you need to ask the question twice?
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    UTF-8 is one of many text encoding methods which computers use for text. As you have found UTF-8 and MS Word don't play nice. Word places lots of hidden characters in the documents. Espeically at the end of lines and paragraphs. If you have ever tried to copy and paste from Word to WordPress, and you don't use the Paste From Word button, you have undoubtedly been frustrated with the results. You end up with extra gaps between paragraphs and some times you get extra spaces within words. Its very frustrating.

    UTF-8 extends way back to the beginning of desktop computers. Maybe you have heard of ASCII text before. Its the foundation of UTF-8. It can get pretty geeky if you really dive into the details of UTF-8 vs UTF-16 vs UTF-32, binary code and unicode.

    Just know that there is rich text(think ms word) and plain text(ascii - think notepad on windows or textedit on a mac)...the don't usually play nice with each other without some quick modifications.
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