Hosting Expired - Is Website Salvageable?

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Hi Guys,

Long story short I originally shared a site with a friend who had the site on his hosting account.

In any case he allowed the hosting (on hostmonster) to expire. I only realized this today, it occurred about 6 days ago so I acted as fast as I could today to transfer the domain to another hosting account of mine as I don't believe he's interested in salvaging the hosting account or continuing.

What I'm wondering is if there's anyway to save the site now?

This is a wordpress installation as well if that makes a difference.
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    renew the hosting (for 1 month) and the website will reappear, but before consult with their technical support (just to be sure).

    what was the address?
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    Web hosts do not delete data on expired accounts for ~1 month (depends on hosting company), maybe even longer. If you have a nice support, you can hit them up and let them know that you want the backup file (you might have to pay some $$) or just renew the hosting on your name and website should be back online as soon as they remove redirection to their generic page.
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    It depends on the hosting provider. Some actually deletes everything in your account after a week or more. But to make sure, you can contact them if your infos can still be saved.

    Let me know if I can help you Warrior to Warrior.

    Good luck
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      Do you have any previous back up of some sort. Otherwise if you do, you can easily use it to restore the Wordpress site to a new web hosting account.
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    As others have mentioned, contact the host.
    Tell them upfront that you want to continue to host with them (incentive!) and explain the situation.
    They will probably require your friend to authorise any access to files on HIS account though, so probably just better to ask him to renew, even if you give him the money.

    Then open your own account with the same company and arrange transfer.
    Even if you intend to move hosts, it will be a lot easier once its on your account.
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